4 Months & Baby Slings

Okay I want to update on Saidey. She is almost 5 months but her 4 month check was until the 22 so we are a little late. She weighed 16.5 lbs and 25 1/2 inches long. WOW! I know she is huge! She is cooing and cawing all the time now. She already has rolled over and she is on cereal and baby food officially! We started cereal/ food on the 23. She really is a great baby. Never really cries and I have a lot of help from Mr. Kodi. He does amazing with her. He can hold her while standing up and change a wet diaper. He first changed it on the 29th and keeps bugging me to do more and more!

If she cries he knows exactly what to do, he is so smart! We are still going through court but if you want to know about that please write me! Jakob is starting to potty train. I really just have to have a week were we can work on it really really hard, but between life and the other children it gets busy around here. Today is John & I’s 2 year anniversary! So I bought him the STL hat that I ruined a year ago back. He was pretty excited, even though he already knew. I also attempted to make a Ring Baby Sling, but my material was too thick. I will succeed though! My wrist surgery is tomorrow morning so I probably wont be able to finish it until next weekish which is too bad because I am really excited to use it! I want to try to make more for people because it is fun and I can make an extra penny, but I dont know who would be interested. If you are, let me know. Well that is our latest update. Take care all!!!

It should be noted this blog entry was written by my wife Kaylie.

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