27nov07 – this update was meant to be posted yesterday morning, oh well. LOVE ME


Chuck Norris once sued Burger King after they refused to put razor wire in his Whopper Jr, insisting that that actually is “his” way.

Yesterday was supposed to be a Damn The Cow practice to work on some stuff to record with but at the last minute Jeff dogged out cause he forgot about something with Ashley’s parents. This is fine, I just wish he would have said something alittle realier. Like when I was talking to him on the phone about 30 minutes before that call. He also said something that pissed me off. He had the balls to say that he had remembered all his parts and that Calvin, Rick and I should still work on them so we could get them down. That’s just a dick move. Jeff, I love you man but ease up off the being an asshat.

We ended up working on songs for Kill the Co-Pilot (and yes, I already madea myspace music page for it). We got two songs in our arsenal with a third on the way. We will be playing shows in no time! If only we had someone to sing….
I will have demos of some of our songs up soon, probably week after next.

After the band practice Calvin, Calry, Ricardo and his new girl-friend Kasia stayed for pizza soda and a fun round of Scene it? Music edition. Kaylie and I ended up winning the game but Calvina nd Calry ran the board for awhile, they just couldn’t get the final question. Yeah, Kaylie and I are the KINGS of useless trivia games. I was really glad Ricardo and Kasia stuck around and hung out, that was fun. Kasia was really nice and look forward to more outings with everyone. Hopefully Jeff and Ashley can join us next time

Wednesday is going to be exciting! We are going over to Calvin and Carly’s house for guitar jammage and games. Good times.



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