22dec07 – anothing thing stolen from NinjaGuyDan…

Take the first sentence from every month for 2007…

January-Hello all who care! I need addresses so Kaylie and I can send out Wedding Invitations!

February-So I’m sitting in the OC library working on a paper that was due, oh you know, February 5th.

March-This is just a short update on the bullshit that’s going on in my life.

April-So fuck stick on a…a…well, hmm…a stick, for lack of a better word.

May-So this is my fourth day at my new job working as a CSR for GottaPlay.com.

June-One thing that I find absolutely hilarious is when customers complain about some bullshit and then threaten to inform the Better Business Bureau.

July-So unfortunately the title of this little blog post happens have a lot more truth in it then I would like.

August-First I would like to share with you two images I blatantly stole from ninjaguydan (this is funny because I stol THIS from him, too)

-Sherry Swanson returns home to New Jersey after serving a three year prison sentence.

October-I think my last post might have struck a chord on the wrong string.

November-It is Thursday and I’m one tired S.O.B.

Soundwave MP3 players. Fuck yeah

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