20march08 – FREE TIBET

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, Chuck Norris can actually roundhouse kick you yesterday.

So seeing as I am super involved in world events I felt it pertanate to talk about this fiasco that is going on in Tibet. Has anyone else out there heard/read/seen about what China is doing? Straight up mowing down peacful Tibetens with machine guns. Killing at will to people who are causing them no harm. Way to go China, way to show the world how peacful and AWESOME communism is. Stop lieing to yourself and the rest of the world and admit that you are nothing but a Totalitarian government hell bent on your way or no way.

Here are some snippets from The Governement of Tibet in Exile website:

“During the protest in Machu County that continued from yesterday, People’s Armed Police (PAP) shot dead nineteen peaceful protesters this morning as confirmed by a source.”

“In Lhasa suppression continues with tanks and military vehicles patrolling every corner of the city. Former political prisoners and suspected Tibetans (those politically active) living in the Lhasa area are being arbitrarily arrested in the ongoing house- by- house raid by Chinese security forces since the evening of 15th March 2008.

In desperation for complete crackdown, Chinese authorities are also arresting the family members of former long-time political prisoners (if they themselves are not physically present). “

Aparently China has BLOCKED sites like YOU TUBE to keep any information from leaking out of their atrocities. I would love to one day go to China and see the wonders that it holds, the culture is amazing. But after reading about all this, and hearing about random shootings by the Peoples Armed Forces, I think I will pass and go to a country where I don’t feel like I can get shot by the Police for drinking tea.


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