2009 WCPC Easter Egg Hunt!

So starting today the WCPC is having an Easter Egg hunt within the collectives archives. Basically this means if you find ALL of the eggs, or the MOST eggs you win a prize. What sort of prize? Well you could be DRAWN INTO any one of the comics OR receive a custom image from ANY comic in the collective!

I’ll even go one higher on this and anyone who finds the y2cl Easter Egg will get a custom image of anything they like from me. Not just the first one, but ANYONE who e-mails me with the correct answer! Be sure that if you e-mail me the answer that you put in that e-mail what you would like as your custom image. If you want a wall paper, please give me a size. It will be custom to you and you only for 3 months and then I will post it on the site. Use the form at the bottom of the comics page to let me know if you find it!

So what are you waiting for? GET TO SEARCHING!

EDIT: The contest is over (of course) and I have removed the forms. There will be more contests in the future, but until next time I have added one of the winners drawings to this post to share with you their winnings. It was Deth Invictus from down under, and he wanted a puppy!

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