2007-Percocet nightmares..

So anyone who knows me knows I am one to stay away from the pills, drugs and alcohol. Well, with the recent removal of my tonsils on Monday I have given a lonely bottle of 60 percocet a home. Well, not to sound all gay and shit but these things have been making me freak out. I haven’t slept since Sunday night and if I lay down and the TVs on it invades my thoughts and makes me freak at every little noise. I’ve also been sweating a lot while freaking out. The most sleep I’ve gotten was about 20 minutes, but that was interrupted by some sort of episode brought on my the movie Hook. Mind you, it’s mostly kids movies thats causing me to freak out.
So today at 4pm i take my 2 percocet to kill the unruling pain in my throat and The wife and I head out to aunt Tamy’s to drop of Anna’s kids for her. The whole way I get freaked out by every car that drives by, I can’t sit still and I can’t keep cool. On the way home this is increased greatly and I feel like we are going to die in a car crash so I proclaim myself not wanting to be in the car anymore.
We get home, I get out of the car. Mind you Kaylie and the kids where supposed to go to the gym and work out while I rest. Well, as my lovely wife was getting ready to go to the gym I sit on the couch and proceed to have a mental break down. I start rocking back and forth then start crying uncontrollably.
The wife comes in to comfort me, Kodi is asking whats going on and JT doesn’t understand. I proceed to cry hysterically for a good 30 to 45 minutes. I confess how these pills have been keeping me up and have been making everything freaky as fuck.
So yeah, now we all know why I don’t touch drugs. Now I’m off to attempt to sleep while still in pain.

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