Daily Archives: January 12, 2004

a few minutes ago, i had this converstation lizzybizzy20012002: hey xjhorsley3x: hello lizzybizzy20012002: what part of bremerton do u live in?? xjhorsley3x: on seabeck hwy xjhorsley3x: but not out in seabeck lizzybizzy20012002: u single?? xjhorsley3x: yes lizzybizzy20012002: what is ya name xjhorsley3x: J lizzybizzy20012002: real name plz xjhorsley3x: that is […]

Underage Propositions

jerk it A friend a mine who had been a Mormon missionary came across this “guide,” circa 1970, on tattered photocopy. In fact, the pages were stuck together. Anyway, we were so amused by it (esp. “Suggestion 19”), I thought it deserved a wider audience. ———cut here——— STEPS IN OVERCOMING […]

jerk it – a guide to how not to masturbate ...