18dec07 – The Jacob Pierce Tragedy, 8 month old left in bathroom and Classy vs Trashy modeling 2


Chuck Norris doesn’t step on toes. Chuck Norris steps on necks

I think today is a good day for a good old fasion rant. First on my hit list is “not having enough money to do what I want to do.” Say what you will, but fuck I hate being broke all the time. What? What’s that you say? Get a better job? Stop being lazy and start looking your dickweed? Well fuck you! I have looked! And I have applied! It’s just hard to get a decent job when you look this pretty. I know, that doesnt make any sense, but it doesn’t have to. I only somewhat like my current job. It pisses me off they won’t give me full time. They did give me a raise, but whopidy do. $9.45 an hour now, let’s break out the bubbly and start celebratin’!!

Jacob Pierce

The next thing I wish to rant about would be the story about3-year old Jacob Pierce who was killed in Castle Rock because some full grown men where playing king of the hill and fell off only to CURSH THE KIDS SKULL. First order of business here is why the FUCK are two grown men playing King of the Hill and an Inflatable kids park? Second, this place of amusment didn’t close down, they just PUT A FUCKING MAT OVER THE BLOOD STAIND AND HELD ANOTHER BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! Seriously, what fucking manager made this call?

“Oh, some kids head was just smashed in the the fucking ground next to the ‘kiddie mountain of inflatable fun?’ due to our neglegence? Let’s just cover that nasty blood stain with this Spoongebob matt so we can have this birthday party. God forbid we cancel it and do the right thing!”

Piece of shit people I swear. I fuckin’ hope his mom sues the living shit out that place, and out of the grown men who are responsible. I hope she takes them for so much money the owner has to live in poverty on the fucking streets begging for change. I also hope no one gives him any change because they tattoo “I KILLED A 3 YEAR OLD” on his forehead.

8 month old left in bathroom

I guess some dumb skank left her 8 month old baby NAKED in the bathroom at Bremerton Lanes. Yes, the same Bremerton Lanes that I worked at for 14 months. The same Bremerton Lanes where a guy once handed me a bag of meth. The same where I was once confronted by a girl who did not speak English as her brother tried to get me to take her home (so she could presumably kill me and eat my insides). The very same where I met my wife.

This girl ‘claims’ she was just running out to get baby wipes, but she was gone for an HOUR. I’m not sure why you would need an hour, unless you where driving to Target or something. Then again, she could have just gone to go play pool. Never the less, you have to be one stupid bitch to leave your baby in a bathroom, for ANY amount of time. NO SYMPATHY TO YOU. I hope CPS does it’s job and puts the child in a GOOD home with parents that GIVE A FUCK. The grandma was on the news saying how she wanted the child home for Christmas. Why? So your daughter can wrap it up as a gift for someone?

Tastful vs trashy modeling

Next and last on my hit list I would like to talk about modeling. I myself think modeling is a great thing. I love looking at beautiful women. But what I don’t get if how modeling isn’t closer related to being a whore. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of tasteful types of modeling out there. Let’s say, they type with your clothes on. If you are modeling In a way where you are pulling your underwear down while wearing a fuzzy top and pigtails, as hot as that may be, I think you just crossed the line into whore-dom. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy looking at said pig-tailed fuzzy titted girl, I’m just saying at some point it loses its ‘taste’ and just becomes soft core porn. The way I see it is if I wouldn’t want my wife or daughter to take pictures wearing/doing what is happening in the photos then it’s crossed the line. Well, maybe my wife in private with me as the photographer, but defiantly not my daughter.

I have a lot of friends that are models and I am happy to say that I have yet to see any of them cross the whore line. But be warned if you do I will call you out on it. Again, I’m not saying I won’t/don’t enjoy these types of pictures, because I do, I’m just saying keep your integrity intact and just say no when they ask for the double dong art picture.
I would like to end this rant about modeling by saying that there is NOTHING sexier then a girl with clothes on but revealing some parts. Like a from the side picture with her pants down some to show the side of her butt. THAT is sexy.


2 thoughts on “18dec07 – The Jacob Pierce Tragedy, 8 month old left in bathroom and Classy vs Trashy modeling

  • krystalfaye

    While she blames the owners, Pierce said she will blame herself for life.
    "I'm in charge of that child," she said. "I was supposed to watch that child."

    ugh finally someone who understands!
    also, who is that whore who left her baby naked for hours? and the gma says that she is a loving attentive mother, but admits that the baby has been bitten all over by fleas?! wtfffffff
    I think everyone should have to have a license to have kids, just because you can open your legs does not mean you should be able to have a baby!uuughhh
    no offense meant towards your expected bundle of joy! at least I know that there will be 2 good parents in bremerton!

    • The Revenge Post author

      its ok, I have a License to have kids! I got it in Mexico for a penny and gum wrapper.
      I read those news articles and they pissed me off, so I had to rant about them. It was fun.

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