Down in Texas with my Unicard Membership

I’m sitting in a Super 8 motel right now in Weatherford, Texas writing this. If you are curious Weatherford is just outside Dallas/Fort Worth, though I’m sure you weren’t. Today we went to this Mexican restaurant called On the border that I didn’t see a single Mexican working in and had lunch. It was really good so maybe they just kept them in the back as to not scare off all the white people with money. I ordered a Corona Extra and I found out that the county we are in is what they call a dry county, which means you have to have some Unicard thing so you can order alcohol in a restaurant. So I filled one out and now I am a member of the Unicard System and can drink in any place in Texas. Woot! It seems sort of stupid to have a county like this because if you just have to fill out a card to get alcohol, and it’s free with NO restrictions, what’s the fucking point? It’s just one more step to annoy people with. I guess instead of being able to buy alcohol at a store and take it home you have to get drunk at a restaurant then drive home, great thinking there Texas.

After the dinner we went to what we thought was a family meeting about Grandpa J’s belongings, but it turned out to be a viewing of Grandpa J. This was a little weird, seeing him lay there. He looked just as I remembered him, only different. My aunt Glenda (the one I have talked about before) caused all sorts of problems. I don’t want to go into it but it seems that ALL the drama that is taking place, all the problems between the sides of the family are ALL because of her. That’s all I want to say here for now, cause I’m not sure as to who all reads this and I don’t want someone who is down here for the funeral to read it and cause a scene tomorrow.

On a good note I got to see my aunt Johna today for the first time since 1992. She is the female J N, literally. Her birth name is Johna N Horsley. She’s pretty cool, but not with out her own set of issues like my other aunt. I sort of feel bad because I always forget about her. Sort of like I always forget about my dad’s younger brother Ben who died back in the 1970’s. I always just think he had Glenda and Jimmy as siblings and forget the other two. They are only half siblings but still. Oh well, shit happens. I have more important things to think about right now.


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