A note to her

So there is a girl at work that I have had a thing for since…well since I first talked to her. She such a sweet girl and is such a blast to just talk to. She’s also really into music, decent music, which is a great fucking thing. I always have a lot of fun talking to her when I see her there, not to mention she’s really pretty. Anyway I’ve sorta got this crush on her. Ok so sorta is an understatement. The weird thing about this one is she’s NOT seeing anyone! I know! It’s amazing that I like someone who isn’t currently involved! Now this doesn’t make my chances any better mind you, it’s just a step in the right direction. She seems to like me I think, at least a little. I don’t know. Barbara talked to her for me last night and she said she thinks I’m cute, funny and a nice guy so I suppose that’s a start. It’s to bad I’m so fucking shy and always have such a hard fucking time letting a girl know I like her. So Jenn if you are reading this, yup this is about you.

Oh I finished a song last night! Go me.


NOTE: I just want to note again that I dated this girl and she was completely bat shit crazy

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