Bad night at work

From the fucking second I got here the shit hit the fan. Not only was it busy tonight but there here a TON of problems. We had some drunk assholes on lane 10 who rolled a chair down the lane. Kelly talked to them and not 2 minutes later he did it AGAIN. I called security and they talked to him and within a few minutes he had his chair on the approach again getting ready to do it a THIRD time. He also threw his buddies ball down a lane that wasn’t turned on. He ended up getting kicked out, but moments after he was kicked out he came BACK in and wanted to take a photo of the security officers. They kicked him out again and within 5 minutes he was BACK in. His buddy started walking away when they where leaving and he hadn’t paid yet so after I asked him twice and he ignored me so I notified security and they brought him up to pay, which turned into another fiasco.

He claimed that he only gets charged $.50 a game because he is a league bowler, I informed him that the league bowler rate is $1.00 a game. I even showed him the rate on the computer, but I fear he was way to drunk to even take notice of it. He argued with me for a good 10 minutes about this. I asked him if he was a senior citizen and he said no, so I informed him again that it was $1.00. I also informed him that he wasn’t leaving until he paid his tab. He got all pissed but eventually paid and stormed off. He will probably complain to my boss about this but I could care less. If she yells at me for something so stupid as this, well it doesn’t matter because I am transferring to security anyway and Roy is holding a position for me.

After this I looked around and noticed a bunch of lanes with no bowlers. I actually noticed this before but was dealing with the other situation and put it on hold. Now one walk out on a Friday or Saturday night isn’t that bad, cause those nights are busy and it is bound to happen, but tonight there where one, two, three, four FIVE walkouts. What makes this so shitty is that for each walkout I have a short report to fill out and surveillance has to do a tape review and fill out paperwork. It’s totally a waste of time to have to do this so much and so often. The worst part is my boss doesn’t seem to fucking care. Her comment last time I mentioned it to her was ‘oh well, you can’t really stop those.’ Yes you very well fucking can! You pay attention! I don’t have walkouts, and I didn’t have them when I worked the 5pm-1am shift either! I don’t really care if other people have walk outs, but they should take care of them on their fucking shift, not leave them for me!

The only thing that is redeeming about tonight is the new server in the restaurant is here and she is incredibly adorable, cute, pretty, you can basically pick any one of those or any of the various synonyms for them and that’s her. This also means I have no chance in hell with her, but as Huey Freeman in the Boondocks episode about Martin Luther King Jr waking up from a coma and calling the nation of African-Americans a bunch of, and I’m quoting here, ‘no good lazy niggers’. I have no idea what link that makes with whai was talking about, but I just felt like sharing.



NOTE: It should be noted that the above girl mentions that was the new server int he restaurant was none other than the Jennifer who I dated for three months prior to meeting my wife. She was bat shit crazy and riddled with problems.

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