Interwebs is BACK!

So I have been resisting writing anything while at work recently because I know I can’t really post it at home since there’s no internet, but I am planning on going to my parents house today to do laundry so I can post it there on my mothers computer.

I want to say some things right now but I can’t since the person I wish to say these things about more then likely reads this and I would rather not cause an issue, but rest assured I will write about it eventually. You can probably figure out who it’s about by simply using the rules of deduction, and if you can’t then it probably doesn’t matter much to you in the first place.

Barbara and I went grocery shopping on Friday and spent about $100 each to get food in the house. We are trying our this whole ‘household’ food thing where everyone just pitches in and takes their fare share, but for some reason I fear this will not work. It might, I don’t know. I am hoping it is because I REALLY do not want any useless roommate drama. More in a minute, I must go fix a lane.

The above was written over the week period where I didn’t have internet at my house. Now that I do I can start annoying the shit out of all of you with posts again! Yay! Happy fucking day!

Let me transcribe to you some of the things this gentleman wrote down on his application. This is a hoot.

Under ‘position’: Janator
For ‘High School’: South Kitsap Hight
For ‘subjects studied’: Cerint Would Problums/Art/P.E.(with a circle around PE saying he got 100%)
Under ‘Subjects of Special Study’: Year Book Pictures and Desine

For ‘Previous Employment’: None, N/A, Well Explain?
Also, one of his references has the lovely name of Krl.
This guy sounds like a sure fire hire! I wonder if they will hire him?hmm.

Mr. Pan if you are reading this (which I’m sure you are) I will have new ‘WIRES’ art for you in the very near future, so keep an eye on your inbox as it will soon be filled with sub-par art work from yours truly. Also, let’s talk more about that story editor position and what it would entail me to be doing and how often. I’m getting pretty settled in everything around here and really want to get back into working on things I enjoy more often. Word.

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