Racist is as racist does 4

Man while bowling yesterday before the team event I twisted my ring finger on my right hand. While bowling it didn’t hurt that bad, but since I went home and slept now it hurts like hell. I think I sprained it or bruised it pretty bad cause its swollen a little and hurts. Oh well, the cost of war.

So Raymond(a cook here in the kitchen who lookes lke Bruce Lee)’s cousin and her friend were in tonight and wanted to bowl and these two black guys where all trying to get up on them and shit and theys be havings none of that shit ya heard? So they went and bowled with Dallas(a dish prep) and the black guys came up to get a lane and wanted the one right next to them, but I put them one away. Well when the black guys came up to pay the Boondocks was playing on the TVs and it was the first episode where the Freeman’s go to the rich white mans house and it was at the part where Uncle Rufus is standing there talking about ‘uppity niggers’. I was slightly uncomfortable with this because they looked like they might have some sort of weapon on them and the word nigger was being said in the background OVER and OVER. Mostly I just found this extremely funny and had to contain my laughter, but the thought of getting shanked by some uppity n*gg*rs wasn’t a pleasant one.

Also, I don’t want to sound racist, but whenever someone asks me to give them ‘the special’ price or a ‘discount’, ‘two for one’ type of thing, it’s ALWAYS a black person. Except when it’s not.

Not to say that I’m tired or anything tonight, but I almost just fell asleep while taking a shit.

Barbara is funny, if you say ANYTHING she doesn’t like she goes into this super defensive ‘I’m not talking to you’ mode. I find it very humorous. Tonight she was telling me that her bitch sister was moving shit into her room already, she moves out tomorrow, while she was trying to sleep. Her bitch sister did all this while Barbara was trying to sleep and Barbara DIDN’T say anything. I tried to tell her that she let’s that bitch walk all over her and she needs to stand up for her self sometime on it. To which she told me to stop treating her like she is three and I told her to stop acting like she was three. She does this all the time, and gets upset at me when I say anything, saying that I make her feel like shit. It’s not like I sit here and degrade her, I just tell her it’s fucked up she lets her sister get away with shit like this. What the fuck ever, let her be a footstool for her sister, I will just stop trying to help.


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