County Tournament (bowling stuff)

so i wrote up this thing last night about wht i needed to bowl today to be in first for this tournament that is going on, but sicne i’m way to lazy to pull it off the laptop, and since it doesnt really matter, i will just sumerize it. i averaged 203 for the tournament which is pretty good, but not good enough to win singles, all events or double. but the team i bowled with today is in first! hopefully it holds cause if it does i will get money back and that would own. the other team i bowled on was in 6th, now 8th, but they might cash as well which would be sweet.

my three game series for each set of this tournament so far is 601, 609, 613, 622. so at least im going up each time. maybe if i bowl team again next week ill shoot a 650 or maybe a 700. oh well, not one cares.


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