Pinky, Thea and a work in progress of Nicole 4

As with most days there is a lot on my mind, I’m not sure how much of it I will type out but I can almost guarantee it will be rather long winded. I’ve been trying to keep my posts bite sized since I know how annoying it can be to have 5 page posts to read, but sometimes they just end up that way. That being said…here we go.

I guess I should first start out with my Wednesday hang out with Thea. As some of you know Thea is a girl I dated back in 2002, and the girl in question in an infamous post I made a little over a month ago. Well I ran into her at Fred Myer where she works last Thursday the 19th and she seemed very happy to see me. Likewise I was happy to see her, but that remains neither here nor there. Quickly into our little conversation she asked me if I wanted to hang out to which I promptly responded “hell yes”. I know not the classiest response I could have given but I feel it got the point across that I was more then eager to hang out with her.

Well we agreed upon the next Wednesday (the 25th) to hang out since we both had that day off. I get off work Wednesday morning at 9:25am as always and head over to my sisters house to try and fix their internet a-fuckin’-gain but to no avail. Though I think I know what the problem is, the network card in Mike’s computer is F’d in the A. Anyway just before 10am my side starts to vibrate and I hear the tune of Pinky and the Brain and after I stop dancing to the beat of mice world domination I grab the phone and see that it is Thea calling me so I answer it gleefully. Now I wasn’t expecting her to call me until later that afternoon, but I guess she set her alarm for 9am when I got off work. Yes, you could say this made me extremely happy for the rest of the day.

As normal we had no idea what we wanted to do, so I told her I would call her back when I was finished with the RDcomics things I had to get done that morning and hopefully by then her or I would think of something. Well, she ended up coming over around 2:30 or 3:00pm and our only idea was to watch movies or whatever. Not a bad idea because we both like movies a lot and it’s a good reason to sit in the dark together. We didn’t watch a movie right away though, we talked a lot about various things as people in situations such as these tend to do. She seemed eager to talk to me and told me a few times that I was looking really good and such (which is a huge lie, but ok). When it came movie time I started up the movie and turned the lights out and like a gentleman I sat on the left middle of the couch giving her almost half of the couch to herself as not to seem like I was trying to get all up in her. Much to my surprise she moved over and sat really close to me, she was basically cuddling up to me for the movie. Not that I’m complaining one bit, just sort of shocked me at first.

I gave her a call today but sadly I interrupted a movie that her and her mother where watching and then she had to go to work so hopefully I will hear back from her in the next few days. That’s about all I can update on that. Oh, well I guess I could say that she still makes me smile.

There is a girl here at work that I recognize from my past. I can’t seem to pin point what point in my life I knew her, but I know I used to hang out with her and talk to her a lot. If I had testicles I would go ask her what her name and try to piece it together, but alas I lost them back in ‘Nam. Oh well she is gone. That’s ok I’m pretty into Thea right now.

I started this drawing at home that I was hoping to work on here, it’s a new drawing of my good friend Nicole Moriarty, but alas I forgot it at home. That’s ok though I will just work on it more later today then bring it in tonight and hopefully finish it. This is what it looks like right now.

I have some other drawings I need to get to a stage that I can bring here and detail while I’m wasting my life away working graveyard. I need to draw a monkey in a forest, the other ‘WIRES’ drawings and more backgrounds for y2cl2point0. Hopefully I will find sometime in the next week to finish some of these. On a plus note I finished the art on the next y2cl strip and I am close to closing all the storylines that need to be cloed to I can launch y2cl2point0, not that you care.

So my shoulder hurts like hell and I am supposed to bow1 2 games tomorrow for the tournament and my league. I decided to throw three games this morning to see what I could do and how much it would hurt. Well I ended up with 627 for three (181, 201, and 245) and only the first game really hurt. One thing I noticed was that my ball speed was a lot slower because I couldn’t put as much power behind it as I normally do when my shoulder doesn’t hurt. That’s ok though, if I can just stay consistent tomorrow and shoot a decent series each set I should at least cash in one of the events.

I just found out that this girl I’ve been crushing on since I started working at the bowling alley just broke up with her boyfriend of like 2 years. The only problem is I’m friends with both of them…blast.


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