killed by a psycho path is a warriors death 7

All I can seem to think about is Monday when I move and how happy it makes me. Then I also think about how poor I am going to be and it brings me right back down to where I normally am. I also think about all the problems that could arise between Jeff and me and on ways I could avoid them. One major one I really have to realize that it is his house and I am just a renter so I really should try and only take the things I own that will fit in my room and just a little of the furniture if he wants it there. I own so much stuff I could furnish this house entirely myself and it’s really going to be hard to pick and choose what to take, but I will manage. Also I swear if he puts up one of those damn singing fish I’ll punch him in the dick. If you know Jeff you know he is very arrogant and to a certain degree full of himself. This has helped him to get where he is, working at the shipyard and all, but it really gets annoying when someone you’ve known for almost 20 years talks down to you all the time. I know in his mind he thinks there’s nothing wrong with it because hey, what he did worked for him to get where he is so why shouldn’t he be able to tell everyone to do what he did since he is so well off? Well not everyone wants to work at the shipyard.

I could say a whole lot more but I wont, I will just end this with I will deal with him the same way I always do, but ignoring most of it and arguing with him about it for an hour until we come to an agreement. Haha.

So apparently if you are just nice to someone and give them rides to and from work because their car is busted (and they pay you for it) it means you are dating this person. I say this because I have been asked numerous times if Barbara and I are dating, and so has she. Kate, one of our servers, also keeps getting asked if Barbara and I are dating. What the fuck? Do I have to just not be nice to anyone so people don’t think I’m dating people I have no interest in? Barbara is just a friend and NOTHING more. Never will be, nor never could be, anything more. It’s like when people thought Calvin and I where gay lovers, I swear you make out with a guy once at a party and everyone thinks you stick it in each others asses on alternating Fridays.

There is this group of people who come in regularly, he whole group is Asians and then there is one white girl with them who is the one who usually pays and talks to me. They are all good people and I generally look forward to them being here, mainly because Melissa (the white girl) is insanely pretty to me. Tonight I am wearing my Johnny Cash sweatshirt and I found out something that just makes her even prettier then before, she says she is related to him. She say’s Cash is her mothers maiden name. That is so fucking awesome. Like always though there is a 0|-10 odds of anything ever goinging anywhere with her, but that’s ok. Uh oh, their lane is in a 180, be right back, got to go fix it. Well I found out she is married, or at least still wears a ring. That’s ok, we already mentioned how it would never happen anyway, haha. Although she did invite me to play bingo… and by invite she asked me if I ever play, to which I said yes, then she told me I should come down and play sometimes. My guess is she works there and is trying to get more customers and not really trying to get me to go because of some motive to get to know me.

Lately when I draw here at work my wrist really starts to hurt. Like right now I am working on a comic strip and I’m only on panel three and my wrist just aches when I hold the pencil. I wonder if there is something I could do to help it, if there is some kind of wrist brace that would help or something cause I will tell you it can really be painful. I guess bowling a lot and playing drums as well doesn’t help it at all. Also tonight my right shoulder hurts like mad and it’s getting painful to move it around…to bad I don’t have health insurance, because if I did I would go get it looked at. Damn being poor.

Back on the topic or Barbara, she has this habit of having people ask me if I can give them a ride home. Like she pawns them off to me like I have all the gas money in the world. It’s like she thinks ‘well you are giving me a ride home, so why not these people too?’ Tonight she had Jerad (yes that is how he spells it) ask me, and he did offer me gas money but that’s not the point. The point is that I have to take her home and that is an inconvenience enough and means I won’t get home until around 10. If I take someone else home that pushes it to like 10:30. The LAST thing I want to do is delay my time on getting home when I don’t have to. Oh well, just venting a little. I’m not really upset about this since I’m not taking him home today or anything.

There is this guy at work named Jacob, I might have mentioned him before, but he is schizophrenic and he will come up and talk to me about sports then in between sentences he mumbles to himself like a crazy man. I’m somewhat scared he’s going to go crazy one day and murder us all. Oh well, killed by a psycho path is a warriors death.

Now I am at home and I will lay down for some much needed sleep and when I wake up I will vigorously pack my belongings for the coming move.


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