Paycheck and awesome food

You know what really sucks? The fact that I have to work on Thursday and Friday is payday. What this means is that when I get off work from my Thursday night shift at 9am Friday morning I have to come back at 1pm to get my paycheck since they will not give it to you until after 1:15pm. Also I hear they are going to be cutting everyone’s hours back here because our sister house Kenmore Lanes is closing. Which personally I think I s stupid since this lace is self sufficient and doesn’t rely on Kenmore to stay open or to pay the employees. Generally I’m pretty safe on keeping my hours since I work the graveyard shift and no one else wants this shift for hours. Still though, I need something new. Al’s girlfriend Terra as telling me that the Poulsbo branch of Peninsula Credit Union is hiring computer techs, I should go apply there since she said that they mostly just sit around all day from 8am to 5pm. I bet it pays better then here.

There’s a cook here named Pat, he’s a pretty awesome guy, and he is into cartoons like I am so I made him copies of some of the old He-Man I’ve got. Well tonight he made me this meatball sandwich that was honest like heaven. I swear that man can cook like a god. Just thought I would share this with you all.


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