Walk outs and biatches 1

Man I got home Monday morning from work and I did my post and speed finished strip 189 then ended up talking to this girl Kathie until after 12:30pm or 1pm then went to sleep. It’s been awhile since someone actually grabbed my attention enough to keep me from sleep that I know if I don’t get right then I wont get for another 24 hours or more. To bad she lives in Jersey.

I finally did get to sleep then Ricardo called me around 5:30pm or so to let me know he was going to be a little late to practice because he was taking his girlfriend Heather out to dinner. Now in the background I hear Heather say “Tell JN to fuck of! Get off the fucking phone Rick! Come on!” to which Rick tells her “I called him!” This baffled me a bit and made me laugh that she is that controlling of him and that she felt the need to tell me to fuck off. She tries to get him to skip band practice to be with her, now this is just a little off because they live together and spend EVERY OTHER night together. She says I’m an asshole and she doesn’t like me, this is of course based on the numerous times we have hung out. And by hang out I mean her coming with Ricardo to band practice and asking to use my computer, me letting her, then her not saying a word for three hours. Man I’m such a dick. I swear, these people need to stop dating fucking teenagers.

Man I had to fill out a fucking report tonight for security. Three guys trying to walk out on a $9 bowling bill. NINE DOLLARS. It should have been $12 but I forgot to charge them for shoes, I sort of got lost in the moment with these two guys looking and talking to me like they wanted to hit me. Which would have been fine, I would have gladly watched them get hauled away by the police for assault, walking out on a tab and having alcoholic beverages in an establishment after 2am (we found cans of Busch on their lanes after they left).

The bitch part is last time they where in they walked out over $6 and I didn’t report it trying to be nice and let them avoid an incident. Now that this happened I had to fill out a report and their last time came out so I might get in trouble over it. That’s fine, I wrote my boss a note telling her what I did last time and if I get written up and in trouble that’s fine, at least I was honest about it and didn’t try to lie and cover it up. We shall see how much honesty is really worth these days.


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  • The Revenge Post author

    It should be noted for the record that the Kathie in this post is none other than the Kathie that Kaylie, the boys and I ended up staying with on Staten Island in November of 2006 when we visited the east coast.