Dragon Quest VIII epic nerdness

So Jeff came over before we had bowling tonight and brought his PS2 and copy of Dragon Quest VIII, which is sort of weird since I have a PS2 and a copy of Dragon Quest VIII myself. We ended up moving my Batman TV over to the coffee table and hooking up his PS2 so he could play his game while I played my game…AT THE SAME TIME! It was pretty intense. Sadly I ended up having to go to work so I had to stop and I believe he is still playing, probably on the 13” TV since I bet he got into the zone and didn’t change to the bigger TV. I am pretty much hoping he is passed out when I get home so I can go to sleep rather then play more of the game, not that I wouldn’t enjoy it, but since I hardly slept yesterday I would like to sleep through my holiday and pretend it’s not real.

Part of being single means you will sit and think about what kind of person you want in your life, to share you bed and thoughts with. I have been finding myself doing just this a lot recently and have come to the conclusion that I really find someone with a lot of cultural background to be mighty sexy. Whether it’s Irish, Scottish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German or Dutch just someone who is heavy into their culture to where it means something is very appealing to me. I think this is because I myself have no cultural background besides half my ancestry raping and pillaging the other half of my ancestry and a bunch of silly TPs.

Maybe this is because I want to be with someone with something I can attach myself to since I feel some underlying need to be apart of things that means the world to certain people. Does it make a bad person since I really don’t care which it is? I don’t know. All I know is that people with deep roots in their heritage and culture are mighty sexy to me.

Barbara wanted to quit smoking, so I told her I would help her. Well, she lasted about two days. Just thought I would mention that since I found it funny. And now that I have told you I am off to draw inappropriate things for work.

Just to warn you I will be posting two strips later today. Why am I doing this? Because I want to post the MLK jr strip I drew at work today but to do that I need to finish and post the strip that’s ahead of it. So I will post one shortly after I post this, then the second later tonight once I finish it.


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