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So a few months back I posted a really terrible Jack Skellington I drew and it got like 50 bazillion comments. Yesterday I posted my first piece I illustrated for the story wires, something I spent a lot of time on, and it gets two comments. The fuck people?

I have decided to take my art more seriously and divulge myself more into it. I have really be laxing recently, though I have gotten better then this past summer, but still I am not doing it as much as I would like. I’m setting myself a bunch of little goals to reach each day with it. Like today I want to get some backgrounds drawn for the upcoming ‘y2cl-2pointO’ I am currently thinking about, which I will talk more about at a later date.

I’ve really been thinking about my future a lot and what I want to do. I really want to do something involving art. Ideally illustrating books, but I would settle for comics or cover work. This is all assuming that I can get a job doing any of these, and assuming I am and/or will ever be good enough. Right now I think I am good enough for amateur or independent work but not ready for mainstream or professional work. My entire artistic goal for my art career is to illustrate and/or write a Batman story for DC Comics. Even if couldn’t make a career out of art but could still manage to do a Batman story for DC Comics, I could live happy doing anything.

I really should focus on the basics, getting better at certain things as well as acquiring work to help me learn the business. Paying work hopefully, since I am pretty tired of giving away my hours on pieces for free. I’ve been printed a few times now, done some cover work and illustration work, a short comic story here and there and none of which I’ve been paid for. Even if I only got a little bit, just getting paid for it would be so awesome. It would really make me feel like I was accomplishing something.

I used to do commission for people and make some extra cash that way, I should try that again. The commission never really took me that long and it was really nice to get paid for something. I think my general hardship on doing art for money is I have NO idea what I should charge someone for my work. I mean I know what the pros get in general, but I’m not a pro NOR am I as good as they are. Maybe I will start posting come commission up on Ebay again for just like $5 or something starting, hopefully I get some hits, or at least exposure. A friend of mine told me I should try to post and sell some of my originals that I have laying around my office, maybe I will try that since there is a lot and even getting like $10 for them would be awesome cause it’s extra money for something I can always do again if I miss it. I have a scan of it anyways and that’s all that really matters.

On a side art note this piece

has been ruined by our treacherous rains. It was already on the brink of death, but let me tell you its tale of life and death then we can all morn its passing. I did it 4 years ago for my aunt and uncle for Christmas, seeing as they like Native American type things. I gave it to them and honestly it seemed as they couldn’t care less. I had it in a custom framed matt that I cut and she decided to RIP the matt board off and nail the drawing to the wall via e bubble board it was attached to. When she did this she brought out the matt board to be and asked “hey can you use this for anything?” to which I was pretty shocked, seeing as it was custom to the piece and was written on, dedicated to them. I just took it and threw it away. Later when they moved out she just left it nailed to the wall. The drawing was pretty destroyed then as it had been smeared and lost a lot of its vibrancy (the picture above doesn’t do it justice, it was a lot crisper then that).

I was going to fix it up for my mom, but I think now I will just let it rest in peace. I might still frame it all ruined and put a little paragraph in the frame about how it lived and died, that would be kind of neat.


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One thought on “Horse JIM RIP

  • devil_shat

    you’re welcome to come out and draw with me anytime. we kind of have opposite schedules though. i usually go to the bookstore in between school and work, like around 1-3, or after work around 9. i never know when you’re asleep or awake.