Wires 1-2 and some Brokeback stuff 12

I’m really liking how this is coming along

Man after reading Vern talk about the sex scenes in Brokeback Mountain now I REALLY want to see it. Even though I always feel embarrassed when I’m I theatre and there is sex on the screen, like I’m some sort of pervert. I guess the bonus will be I am going to go see it alone, due to my fuckered up schedule, I’ll be sure to wear my trench coat with shorts and my hair all a mess.

I was supposed to work 1pm to 9pm on Saturday, but I called in since I got off at 9am that day and was way to fucking tired to be able to go in for work 4 hours later. So I ended up falling asleep around noon forty-five and woke up at 6:35am Sunday morning. I guess I was a little tired.

Well I had to leave at around 8am to drive up to Port Angeles to bowl travel league. Long story short that was a waste of time and a bowled like donkey shit. It didn’t help that the entire time my vision was a little blurred, I had a tremendous head ache and I felt noxious the entire time. Then I went and picked up Barbara and Krista to try and help Krista get some of her items back from an ex-coworker of theirs (I was the muscle), she didn’t get her stuff back but she did find out that this girl does still have it and she will get it back.

At 6pm I went to my bowling league and actually shot decent, even though I still felt like shit. In case you care I shot 226, 232 then 188. The 188 would have been a hell of a lot higher only that game I really started to feel sick and a few times went I went to through my ball I got dizzy and lost my balance a little and couldn’t exactly see the lane very well and threw two balls in the gutter. But oh well, I’m happy with 646 for three.

So while Krista and Barbara where in my car tonight I had Royal Crown Revue in my CD player and their song Hey Pachuco! was on and Krista said “Hey, this is the song from The Mask.” I have to admit I got a little giddy with glee that me one else A) remembers that movie well enough to know the song and B) is able to remember where in the movie the song is. As an added bonus she is very cute.

See at first I just thought she was pretty, but getting to know her a little I find out that her and I have A LOT in common. She likes cartoons like me, she seems to be very nerdy, playing video games and watching super-hero shows. It’s awesome! To bad she has zero interest in me. *cry*

I think after I get off work, and after I help my dad take his car to the shop then go to my dental appointment, I am going to dedicate the rest of the day to fixing the one computer I have that’s a little on the broken side. The first thing I will do is remove the 120 gig hard drive and go from there. If the rest of the computer is fried, so be it, but I would really hate to lose all the information on my back up hard drive.

Speaking of hard drives, I have so much fucking hard drive space its unreal. Let’s tally it up! In one comp I have a 40gig, an 80gig and a 200gig. In my art comp there’s an 80, 2 160’s stripped together as a 300gig drive and a 200gig. In my broken media comp there’s an 8gig and a 120gig. This laptop has 40gig, I have a 20 gig jump drive and I have 200gig up on a server upstairs. That’s 1,308gig of hard drive space. That’s roughly 1.3 terabytes. To give you an idea of how much space that is, I could store 440,000 mp3s, 327 full length DVDs with all menus and special features, 1868 full length Divx movies or 13,080,000 nude photos at 100k each. Good lord. New goal, fill it.

And I don’t want to say I’m sorry, I just want to drink beer and play guitar and…
I’m not sure what song this is from, but I like that line a lot. The song it self is pretty terrible, but that one line I really feel like stealing and putting in a better song. I wonder if they would notice?


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12 thoughts on “Wires 1-2 and some Brokeback stuff

      • jhorsley3

        well, i could have all that in one computer, but i dont because i have several to house with hard drives for different things. oh and 4×250 really isnt a terrabyte, its actually only 748gigs of useable space, where as my total useable space is 1,222.98 gigs which is over a terrabyte of useable space. sucka.

        • tear_ofblood

          wait, how’d you get 748gigs? i have 928gigs of usuable space. thats only in my main computer, i still have my moms computer, which i use for remote storage. if you want to talk about house totals, dont make me dig through my boxes and find my old harddrives!
          Haha, not like it matters. since i’ve been ripping dvds, installing games/programs, downloading shit load, running linux on one whole drive for over a year. and i still have more then i know what to do with.

          • jhorsley3

            i was just guessing on an average of 13gig overhead for every 200gigs. also, if you really want to talk house totals, theres 10 computers running and a box of hard drives not being used sitting upstairs.

  • devil_shat

    that drawing is going pretty well!
    don’t listen to vern. i didn’t find the movie intense at all. it was a good movie and all, but there was pretty much nothing shocking in it.

  • transtempts

    Hey you, checking in to see how you’re doing- I think your schedule and mine sort of gel in the way that they’re insane. Brokeback Mountain is supposed to be excellent- of course, it’s Ang Lee, so that figures. And yes, there are girls who like cartoons, superhero shows and stuff. ::g:: One of them would like to know if you’ve been reading anything good lately? ::pokes you playfully::

    • jhorsley3

      well then lets go see it sucka.
      ive been reading johnny cash’s autobiography ‘cash’, that an american gods still off and on, haha. both are excellent.
      and i just want those cartoon/superhero show watching cute girls to like me!

        • jhorsley3

          yes, it is playing in Bainbridge. im off wednesday and thursday if you want to go then.
          and i mean like as in *oh baby you so hot lets make babies(but not right away of course)* so if you like me like that, well then lets talk!

          • transtempts

            Well, I work until six both wednesday and thursday. we could go out afterwards one of those nights. and don’t have to be up early friday morning.
            ::blink blink:: because, yes, i talk like that all the time.