My Batman TV makes my teeth not hurt.

I’ve been holding off on posting this for a few days just because I wanted to make sure it was at the absolute right time, which I think we all can agree is today. This was my present to myself for going through the wisdom teeth thing, which I will take a moment and explain momentarily, but first let us talk about the awesomeness that is my Batman TV set. Take another look at it, go on I will wait. Bask in it’s glory. Done basking? Ok now lets talk about my wisdom teeth experience.

Monday morning I went into the oral surgeons office at 7:30am. I went into the bathroom where they took my weight and I used some mouth wash before we got started. I laid down on the table, the nurse put in an IV the doctor put in some knock out drugs and seconds later I was coming out of the room and they handed me a little manila envelope that contained my teeth. Now this was the first time I have ever been knocked out for anything and honestly I didn’t even know I went out. It just kind of felt like I got a little tired and then I thought the nurse and doctor asked me if I wanted to sing karaoke and put a microphone in my throat.

Moving on to later that day, I went to sleep and got up a few hours later with zero pain and zero swelling. Everyone, including myself, was fucking shocked over this. Archelle bet me $5 that I would swell up over the night, well guess what, she lost. Also here I am at work Wednesday night (or Thursday morning if you want to get technical) with no pain and no swelling. God I rule at avoiding physical pain.


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