Damn The Cow – Billy Bob Bum*****

So I managed to get a whole 4 hours of sleep today! All right! We had a band practice last night and it went pretty good, once we got started and such. We have 6 new songs in the works that all kick ass, to us at least. I’ll give you their names (of the ones that have names) and you can mull them over in your head as to what you think they will sound like. First is “Cocytus”, and next is “Testicular Cancer Smells like Cheese.” The third one has one of two names the first of which is “Darth Ravenous Toothbrush” and the second is “Fucking Truck stops,” we will either pick one for it or just use both to be bastards. Two of them don’t have names and the last one is “Folsom Prison Blues.” Oh, there’s another in the works called “Billy Bob Bumfuck(covered n’ bad luck)” but it’s still in its early stages.

We are hoping to debut a bunch of new songs at our next show, and we have worked out some really cool dynamics on how to link songs together in really smooth transitions. I seriously can not wait to go into the studio and start laying all these down. I really hope we can afford to just record a shit pile of songs, then pick the best 14 or so for the album and have left-overs for B-Sides. It does look like our studio album will be pushed back to our 11th album since we are planning on releasing a 5-8 song demo as the 10th in the next few months (it’s almost half done).

And now for your reading pleasure are a few of the lyrics to an upcoming DTC song,

“Billy Bob Bumfuck(covered n’ badluck)”.
Meet my neighbor Bob
A complete slob
Big fat redneck mother fucker
Without a job
Doesn’t have a family
He don’t deserve one
A confederate asshole
With a loaded shotgun!

Billy Bob Bumfuck
Covered in badluck
Mow em all down in your pick ‘em up truck

Neat huh?

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