Cash and a Batman Buckle 8

Today I got up, showered and dressed because I was going to go pick up my paycheck. On the way I picked up Barbara, so she could get her check, and Krista so she could turn in an application and do some shopping with Barbara. I had only planned on being out in town for an hour or so…well 4 hours later I returned home. It’s not like I had anything else to do so this was ok. Barbara told me that Krista thinks I’m nice and funny, so that rules.

The upside to all of that was when I came to work tonight Barbara and Julie came up to the desk all smiles and Barbara handed me a yellow bag. That’s not the important part, the important part is what was in the yellow bag. This:

Holy shit! I know! How fucking cool is that! I immediately put it on my belt. I also got sooo many compliments on it from people that came into bowl it was so fucking rad! She didn’t know that I would like it as much as I do, but come on people it’s a fucking Batman belt buckle! How fucking sweet right? A guy also gave me $5 because of it. That’s awesome he tipped me because I had a Batman buckle on!

It always unnerves me when the Bremerton Police come in here but don’t mention why they are here. Especially when one of them points to behind the desk area and says something to the other one, that gets the blood running. I mean I swear I thought she was like 23, not 15! Honest!

Oh yeah, for the record Meg White from the White Stripes is a terrible drummer. You would think with all that money they could afford to teach her some basics.

lastly. My mom just gave me this as an early x-mas present. I love my mom.


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