Horrible infection of wisdom 1

So my bottom right Wisdom tooth has this horrid infection. The lady at the dental office sandblasted the hell out of my mouth and spent like 3 minutes on the right bottom wisdom tooth cleaning out some of the infection, and good god this hurt to no end. Dr Drew prescribed me some Tylonal 3 for the pain and antibiotics to kill the infection. It kind of feels like someone has a hammer and is repeatidly hitting me in the face with it, in case you where wondering. It’s nto so bad for an hour or two after i take the pain killers, but when they wear off its hell, total fucking hell.
I realised about an hour ago that i hadn’t had anything to eat in over 24 hours, so my mom made me some scrambled eggs and bacon with cheese, which was nummy yes but also painful to try and eat. You see i can only open my mouth a certain distance so i have to make sure each bite is a small one then mash it with my tounge seeing as my right side is swollen and i cant close my teeth together. All in all, it sucks balls.
now i am goingto go watch movies all day and be worthless.
you friends and chrsit

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