Sharon read it, King Kong did it.

I’ve had a certain idea for a comic strip in my head every since I saw King Kong and I am planning on drawing it up tonight. Hopefully I can, the only problem with it is only a hand full of people will get it. Oh well, thus is life. (this sketch was alter posted as a comic here)

So as expected Sharon read my last post about her breasts and let me tell you this is excellent. From what I’ve gathered with the information I have scoured from Barbara she laughed at part of it and called me stupid with the other part. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you, Sharon, to come see for yourself if I really am as stupid as you might think I am. You can come down to the bowling alley any Friday through Tuesday from 1am to 9am and look for the oddly compelling-slightly over zealous-man with issues that will be behind the counter in the ever so sexy green colored shirt. If you wish not to be seen in the bowling alley (and I can’t say I blame you there) feel free to ask Barbara for my phone number and give me a jingle to let me know when and where is good for you. Also, feel free to just completely ignore me on this but know I will die a little inside and cry myself to sleep for weeks from rejection.

So tonight some guy came up to the front desk and was very intent on getting John to have a beer with him. Although John told him several times that he was on the clock and was not going to drink a beer with him. Anyways so I have told John that I do believe this man wanted to drug his beer and then drag him home so that he could ass rape John repeatedly throughout the night.

You know, Barbara was probably right there. I can see the conversation at his house while he is claiming my anal region on the name of Spain:
“Uhh, yeah…this isn’t working for me…”
“No Pillow talk baby, just take it like you mean it”
“but reall…”
“shhh…talking will only ruin it” said while putting finger to mouth and making a ‘shushing’ motion.


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