Sharon I know you read this. 7

I’ll do a longer post later, but for now I will give a mini update.

Saturday was a pretty busy night and I didn’t get a chance to even break out the laptop, hence no post when I got home. But I will say I had a fun night, Barbara is more and more becoming a cool person and I actually enjoy talking to her while there, and in more then just a ‘it passes time’ sort of way. And apparently I am picking her up for work on mon and tues since her car is all busted like (it’s karma for her). Also, I want to say hello to her friend Sharon since I know she is reading this to try and find shit I’m saying about Barbara, not this time sorry. What I will say is Barbara showed me a picture of you on Saturday night and I have to say you are really hot, but undoubtedly you already know this so it’s not needing to be said. Though she described you as “Half Korean with extremely large breasts,” and honestly I have to say I’m not of the opinion your breast are of the ‘extremely large variety’. Good size yes, possibly a little over average? For an Asian girl defiantly, but extremely large? I don’t think I would go there. No offence, maybe it was just the picture and in real life they actually are ‘extremely large’, but I have to go on what I’ve seen to make my opinion.

also, i got a call from 509-7375 at 1:50am this morning, anyone know who it is?

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