Damn The Cow – Taking a Stand Against Fat Chicks 2

DTC had band practice tonight during which I showed Jeff and Rick this (Calvin wasn’t there the prick)

Damn The Cow - Taking a Stand Against Fat Chicks

A little back story on this image. I know I have told you all about Clip and Bennett who come in here to bowl from time to time. Well the last time they where here we where talking about Damn The Cow and they asked the age old question: “What does the name mean?”

Sorry to break in the middle of the story but I just for a “so how big are your balls” phone call that I wish to tell you about. I believe it was Jamie, the server from the restaurant, and some of her friends who did it. First it was a girls voice asking me to describe my balls to her, I responded slyly with “mine personally or the bowling alleys?” This not being the standard response one is used to getting when one crank calls a bowling alley and sent the people on the other line in to a laughing fit. This went on for awhile and I switched people I was talking to, a girl, a guy, a girl again. The guy was a little less joking and more just asking me somewhat serious questions about my shift and the second girl was a little more joking then the first. She claimed she knew me from bowling but wouldn’t give me her name. Oh well, that’s all, just thought I would inform you, back to my story.

Firing from the hips I responded with “uh I don’t know, ‘Taking a Stand against Fat Chicks.’” This made Clip and Bennett both laugh and Bennett said he was going to go home and make up an album cover for, which is what you see above. We are pretty tempted to use it for the cover of our demo CD that we are working on just for the hell of it, only it might offend some people. Maybe we should put a disclaimer on it that says “oh but not you” or something. Thoughts? Let me know, would you buy a CD called “Damn The Cow – Taking a Stand Against Fat Chicks” (it would be like $4 with probably 5 songs on it).

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