The Ballad of an old Meth Head 5

So you all are probably wondering about my last post where I mentioned the dreaded and feared (or loved and adored depending on how you look at it) crystal meth.

Well let me tell you all about it!

Around 2:20am or so a gentleman came into our fine establishment and shortly after came up to me at the desk asking if we had a lost and found because he had misplaced his grocery bags with his notebooks inside them and it was dreadfully important that they be found. This gentleman was talking on about the intelligence level of a six year old that suffers from a learning disability, and that may be to generous and a little insulting to six year olds with learning disabilities. Naturally I did not have his beloved grocery bags with notebooks and sent him away to try and sort out where he might have lost them.

About 45 minutes later or so he comes back to the counter proclaiming that he knows we have cameras and ask/demands that we look to see if we can find out when he had them last and if someone took them. He kept reminding me that it was ‘very serious’ that he got them back and so on, and me naturally not caring about his plight one bit told him he would have to talk to security about having the tapes rolled back. Well he didn’t do that. Around 3:30am he comes back to the desk to tell me that he found his bags! Egad! It’s really funny that he actually thought I cared.

Anyway one of his bags had ripped so he laid it on the counter saying it was no good. When I asked him if he wished for me to throw it away he grunted in agreement and staggered off. As I was crumpling it up to throw in our trash can I noticed there was something in the bag, thinking it might be something he would need I checked. Turns out it was a matchbook with a little baggie full of Crystal Meth.

At the time I found it he had looked back so I cupped it in my hand so he wouldn’t see it, and then I went out back and smoked the entire bag. Man was I fucking flying! HA! As if!

No I was a good little boy and called surveillance to get a security officer to the desk. Ted comes up, I explain the situation to him and point out the gentleman and the cops get called. After an hour and a half the cops finally show up, good job there boys in blue (even though our cops wear black). The guy spent this hour and a half wasting money in our casino as Ted slyly followed him around keeping tabs on him. When the officer did get here he came to me asking about the situation and I filled him in and got security up to the desk as well. I gave the officer the contraband and he confronted the man.

Now one thing I have neglected to say as of yet is how old this man was, so let me correct that now. He looked to be in his mid 50’s, this makes the next part of the story even better knowing that. Well, when the officer confronted the man he put him in cuffs with in moments.

At this point the man started yelling “I NEED A WITNESS!!” over and over then “I NEED YOU TO WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU ARE SAYING!!” to the officer and generally just resisting arrest and being a general pain in the fucking ass. It was about the fifth time he said the second phrase that the officer basically said ‘fuck this’ and kneed him in the chest and took him down to the ground making his head smack the ground and make a deafening sound put his knee on his back braced his head with his palm and read him his rights then took him out to his car. I had to give the officer all my information and make a statement then I spent an hour writing all this down for Roy the lead security officer here and let me tell you how much fun that was!

Oh, and when the cops tested the drugs (with a solution not by smoking it) they said it was almost pure meth, I doubt this fine example to society will be home for Christmas.

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