Janitor Girl crosses the ‘effin line.

So to start off the night I will talk about being extremely pissed off at the moment. It involves Janitor Girl and if you happen to be an artist out there you will understand. Her and I made an deal that I would draw for her the Evil Monkey from Family Guy in the midst of a battle with Shake, Meatwad and Fry from Aqua Teen hunger Force in exchange for 2 subways and some soda. Well she had bought me dinner here one night and gotten me soda but still owed me a Subway which was fine since I hadn’t done the drawing yet. Tonight I came in with full intentions of doing the draw and had even started it, I had penciled in Meatwad and sketched out Shake for this battle that would be of epic proportions. Well she decides that she is upset with me for ‘bitching about doing the drawing’ (which I hadn’t done, only made joking comments about it after she took my eraser and hid it, this makes me hulk style angry since I do not like my art shit played with) and she says “I don’t want the drawing anymore.”

Now this isn’t what upset me, fine I don’t care I don’t have to draw it anymore even though I would still have finished it since I was enjoying it and was really wanting to see where it ended up. No my friends what upset me to no end and pissed me off and probably put me in a sour mood for the rest of the night was that she grabbed it, crumpled it up and threw it away while I was working on it.

She pissed me off so much I have told her not to come back behind the desk at all tonight like she normally does. When she did come up here all I said was “Yeah, I wasn’t kidding about that, please leave.” To which she tried to apologize, but this comes after the fact and after the part where something negative happens to her so it’s forced and even if she means it who cares right? Later she came back up here to try and sort things out to which I still responded with “Yup, still not joking.” And proceeded to tell her why I was pissed off and upset to which she asked if I was going to be pissed at her all night, well yeah probably I mean it’s not that I care about the drawing it’s that she thought she had the right to just take it and destroy it. It wasn’t hers to crumple up. She was wanting me to do a drawing for her and frame it up for a Christmas present for someone, fat chance of that happening, even if she was going to pay me. Am I being unreasonable? You tell me.

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