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I’ve been listening to A LOT of Johnny Cash recently. And by a lot I mean exclusively and nothing but. I suggest you all do the same. In the last two weeks I have bought Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison, Johnny Cash at Sam Quentin, I Walk the Line CD/DVD set, and Orange Blossom Special and let me tell you they ALL kick ass. I can’t wait to have all 60 or 70 of his CD’s. And I will have them all, don’t even think for a second that I won’t.

So as I mentioned my mother got a new Kodak digital camera with printer dock and it takes amazing pictures I love it! I can’t wait to start taking nude photos of meself to post online! It has so many cool settings to take pictures in like action, portrait, landscape and more. I will be posting so many cool pictures and posting them for you all to see (I almost typed hear) can’t you just wait????

So far Jeff’s acquisition of his new house is going by very well and we should be moving in on the 23rd of this month. Yeah that’s two days before Christmas and all but I really don’t care about that I’m just excited to move! I am a little leery about living with Jeff and his girlfriend, but hopefully it all works out. Also bad news possibly for Dylan, our bass player Rick might be needing a place to stay and Jeff might give the third room to him instead of Dylan. He hasn’t said anything along these lines yet to me or Rick, it’s just a hunch. The only problem I really foresee in living with other people is that I work graveyards and getting sleep could be problem since people have a tendency to be rather loud and disrespectful of others who are trying to sleep. We shall see though. I’m also slightly worried about someone breaking in to my car, yes I am a little paranoid about that, but hey it’s a nice car…ok a decent car that looks pretty and I like it a lot. Speaking of which I still need to go down and get a docking port for my Iriver installed, will probably do that after the new year since I’m not allowed to buy myself anything until after Christmas.

That reminds me of something I find very upsetting. Every time I go to a place that sells CDs and I look for Johnny Cash albums all they ever fucking have is best of CDs and shit. I want the original CDs not this best of crap, I HATE best of CDs. So far I have only found four actually Cash CDs and I fear it will be difficult to actually find all the ones he did. I think once I get about 20 or so of them the rest will take some searching. I know where I can buy about five of them right now and I suspect I can buy another 5-10 at Warehouse music, but that’s not all of them damnit! I really need to go up on and get the list of all the ones he has done and start checking them off. I should also check ebay….this is all of course after Christmas since I’m pretty sure I will be getting a few of them as gifts (hint fucking hint).

For those who want to know what to get me. Buy me ANY Johnny Cash CD EXCEPT:
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison
Johnny Cash At San Quinton
Orange Blossom Special
I Walk The Line
Or the DVD’s
Live and Montreux 1994
The Man in Black 1969 Documentary
ANY OTHER CD (not best of) or DVD would be freaking AWESOME and I would LOVE you forever!!!!!!!!



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