Pool, Bowling and Denny’s

So tonight was a magical night. Garmy Pants and I went and played pool at classic billiards. We played a total of 5 games, I won 3 of them. What’s totally fucking awesome about that is that all three of my wins where completely by default, him scratching on the 8 ball, not that I wasn’t close to a real win myself, but he kept choking. One of his wins was because I knocked the 8 in early and the other he won the real way.

Dylan baby met us there then we all went to Bremerton Lanes for a few games of bowling, that was fun. We then went to Denny’s for some grub and Sarah met us there near the end.

When we first got there Garret was talking about how he once worked at a Denny’s and how it was total shit, this is of course in full range of our server. He says he worked for a bunch of douchebags and that being a dishwasher/bus boy was complete shit. She informs us that there is a good staff at this Denny’s to which Garret promptly replies with “well I’m still not applying here.” TeeHee, that was clever. She walks away a little sad and Garret makes the comment that working at a place like that as a waitress a little part of your soul dies each night. When she comes back we are talking about this and he turns to her and says “as a waitress you don’t really do a lot right?” totally questioning the importance of her job to her face, it was funny. We talked more with Sarah about masturbation and about how Dylan masturbates an average of twice daily and I average once every few days. I mean if I get in 3 a week that’s a lot. Dylan baby and Garmy Pants were both surprised by this. And by the way Dylan, it would be 10,950 times and 3 months 4 hours and 30 minutes of your life you can never get back.

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