Hansen’s Battle of the Bands 2



So, tonight was the Battle of the Bands at Hansen’s. I’ve decided to not be politically correct in this and just be honest on how I felt about the other bands and our set.
Ear Candy went on first, I rather liked parts of their set, and rather disliked others. Overall they played one long song it seemed, since they all sounded the exact same. Their set up was a singing drummer, a bass player and a keyboardist. The keyboardist was fucking amazing in every way, their only downfall is that everything was very much a jazzy hippie jam session in sound.


Damn The Cow (my band) went on second. I think we played pretty solid all the way through and I think the crowd enjoyed us. We got a lot of cheers and applause after each song and people we didn’t know yelling ‘Damn the Cow’! made us feel really giggly. Our set was pretty diverse in song style and structure which I think people liked a lot. We tried to set our set list up so the songs would flow well together, and make sure none of them are too similar. We did have a few screw ups, and I screwed up big time on our last song, sooooo fucking bad. Only in the beginning, I found my groove at the first chorus and we where solid for the rest of it. Let me tell you how bad I screwed up the first verse. There’s a part in the song where we all stop going into the chorus, and I stopped 2 lines early, we re-covered from it well and played through the rest of the song like hard-core rockers and finished strong. We even played a request from the audience, some shouted out they wanted to hear ‘SHARK WEEK!’ so we happily obliged. People also wanted us to play ‘Shoop’, but we will save that for tomorrow night if we make it.

Legend Has It went on after us. Now technically they are really fucking good. But all their songs where the same it seemed like, I could honestly not tell one song from the next. I mean I enjoyed it and all, but after the first 15 minutes I was getting bored. They had great stage presence, but no diversity in their songs. Though they will probably win, they brought the most friends.

The band after them I don’t remember their name, like Bone Candy or something, doesn’t really matter then sucked. I mean they where ok musically, if you like death metal, but vocally the guy just screamed all deep and hardcore like, pretty lame. I’m sorry but I really can’t get into that it’s just a big turn off, kind of like fat chicks. And the fact they just stood there motionless playing their death crap. Uggh, if we lose to them I will kill myself.

There was one more band but I had to leave to go to work. I’m assuming they will beat us out because they had a lot of friends there.

All in all it was a great show since we made some contacts with other bands that want us to play, like Legend Has it and Clemente which both bands would be cool to play with. So hopefully this means we will be getting to play more often, seeing as we have a show lined up for next week this is already on it’s way! Yay!

Also, after we played I went out side to get the van and a cute girl goes “ohhh it’s the drummer!” all cute like, I felt important. Then again, I’m just the drummer.

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