Saturday – Stuff Happened 1

So I went to work 1am to 9am as usual, but I didn’t end up leaving the ally until around 10am because I had to talk to my boss about my schedule again. Finally got things worked out for Travel League I believe. On travel league weeks I will work on Thursday night and have Sunday night off and only work 12am to 8am on Saturday. That’s nice, and I will get into why that’s so nice a little later on down the road in this, what I am thinking will be, marathon post.

After talking with my boss I had to wait around for the pull tabs girl, who was late again, so I could cash a scratch ticket a customer had given me over the night. You see we are not allowed to cash scratch tickets at the front desk even though we can cash pull tabs. So 9 time out of 10 if a person wins a dollar on a scratch ticket over my shift, they will just give it to me and say “well fuck I’m not waiting around until then” and badaboom I get an extra $1. It’s the little things that make you happy. Anyway, the point is I had to waste more time waiting for her slow, yet very attractive, ass to get my $1.

When I finally went home, I went in and talked to my mom for a little bit. Her little dog peaches has a heart mummer, so she doesn’t know what she is going to do. Both their dogs are overweight they found out, so they need to work on bringing them down. I think she should worried about bringing my dad down in weight since he now outweighs me by a good amount.

After 30 minutes of that I went outside to my car and tried to see if could hook up my Iriver to my car stereo myself. Well I could if I could get to the back of the stereo. Fuckers. They put up this guard behind it and without special tools there is almost NO WAY I could get to the back of it without dismantling the entire dash. Ugggh, this upsets me greatly. This means I have to fucking take it down and pay for it to be done since I’m not comfortable with removing my entire dash. If I have them do it and they fuck it up, they are responsible to fix it. Hopefully it doesn’t cost an arm and a dick.

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