Batman Sketch and so much more.

So our janitor Robert quit tonight. Barbara had to do it all on her own, well I swept the lanes for her to help out, but that’s it. Also, last night I told her if she brought me Subway I would draw her a picture of the Evil Monkey from Family Guy, so now I have to draw her one by Sunday.

Sarah stopped by to see my car and talk/hang out with me tonight. That was nice. Thursday night Sarah and I are going to watch the first three Harry Potter movies in a row them hopefully go see the fourth one at midnight, how sweet is THAT? Thought so, pretty freakin’ sweet. (I won’t tell you I typed ‘sweat’ at first)

Ohhh, I should have my Iriver soon! I’m soooo freakin’ excited about it. I’m going to take it down to Car Toys or someplace and see if I can get a docking bay for it for my car, cause that would be fucking sweet. Streaming songs off my Iriver through my car stereo, oh man I get wood just thinking about.

There’s a trailor for Aeon Flux on TV right now, December 2nd I’m so going, who wants to go with me? We can make it a date, you can buy me soda and a popcorn, we candle, and I might even give you popcorn head.

Other movies I want to see are King Kong, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, WALK THE LINE there’s probably more, but that’s what I can think of right now. I have a lot of movies at home I need to watch that I have bought (apparently boughten is not a word) recently and haven’t had a chance to.

So I am going to work on getting a better paying job, maybe one at Keyport or something. I really need to figure what I’m going to do with these next 3 or 4 years of my life. Whether I want to move to Seattle and go to UW, get a higher paying job with the government, or what. I really don’t want to stay here working graveyard for to long. Don’t get me wrong I like working here, but I HATE making $8.25 an hour. I’m 23 years old and have almost nothing to show for my life. One of the janitors here, Jerry, is a painter and has had some of his paintings bought by Wizards of the Coast and used in some of their CCG card games. I really need to get off my white ass and do something. It’s just really hard to do anything when you work graveyards I swear. I can’t ever get any amount of decent sleep. I’m always tired. Something is constantly waking me up, like the phone, my dad fucking defrosting the freezer that’s outside my door by hitting it over and over to knock the ice out. So I hear pounding for three fucking hours and when I finally opened the door and asked him what the hell he was doing all he said was, “oh sorry, forgot you where here, I’m almost done” Uggghhh. Where the hell else would I be? Another reason I want a better job, then I can move out much easier and pay my car payment, insurance and gas.

I’m going to talk to my boss this morning about re-doing my schedule to work Monday through Friday or something so I’m not so tired with working through the weekends and such. I also don’t know if I’m going to have to work tonight since Kip might still be out with his fractured wrist. I honestly don’t want to work tonight, but I would for the extra hours and overtime since money is something I very much need. And another thing, I wouldn’t mind working graveyards so much if we got some sort of differential pay, like an extra dollar or two an hour for working this shittier then shit shift, but seeing as we still only get paid $8.25 to work this shift, and seeing how its totally fucked me in the ass as far as seeing friends, doing ANYTHING Friday night through Tuesday morning, this shift can go fuck it self. Will I keep working it? Yes, yes I will. For now.

I like that I get to write these entries here, it really helps me to be able to have the time to get my thoughts out, even if no one reads them. And I really like being able to sit here and draw while on the clock. I really wish I had a laptop with a tablet screen so I could work on Photoshop stuff while I’m here at work. I think I will save up and buy one of those, so I can give my sister back her laptop and I can have my own. That’s only $2,000 I need to save up for one. Maybe I should start trying to sell some art and put all of that money into a fund to buy one…that’s a great idea! Go me!

I’m hoping to do this within the next month, so I better get my ass in gear. Why would I do this you ask? After I have already spent so much money on shit recently? Well, because it will allow me to work on Photoshop stuff here at work, where I actually have time to sit here and put a good few hours into a project, especially since I have 4 strips at home that I haven’t had time to colour yet, or have just laid down flat colours for and haven’t had the time to ad the shadows and detail yet. And it’s not that it takes me a great deal of time to do all the colouring and such, it’s just I’m so fucking tired when I’m at home I don’t want to do a god damned mother fucking thing.
Maybe I will apply for a computer loan at the bank that might work. Get a loan for like a $1,000 and pay it off in a year. I could easily pay it off in less then a year, and that’s probably what I would do. I’ve been spending a lot of money recently, but you know what, I think for a chance I should actually live how I want to live. Bah, I don’t know.

I want to get laid more then a monkey wants to fling poo at a child

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