My car, school, monkeys and a wolf 5

So you like how in my last post I told you I bought a new car but neglected to tell you what it was? I thought that was nice too. Apparently most of you didn’t like that to much, since I got comments fast on it and Sarah called me at work to see what it was. This makes me smile.

So what the hell is it you ask? Let me tell you! It’s a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. It’s silver and looks like this!

Isn’t it pretty? I need a name for it, any suggestions?

In case you are wondering, I paid $13,500 for it. After taxes and all that shit it came out to $15,184 or so and my payments are $281 a month. I managed to get a 7.5% APR and full coverage insurance is only $134 a month. This means I have bills now! Oh god! $415 a month total right now. Hopefully I’m responsible enough to swing this. Now I really do need to get a second job, I think I will go check up on my application at EB in a day or so. I need to on getting some new art commissions, so if any of you out there want to pay me to draw anything now’s the time!


So Tyrone, the black security guard just slapped my ass, and I immediately thought to self “I’m so writing about this in my LJ!” I’m such a dork. What would I do without you el jay?


I’m going to try and finish that drawing that I have been showcasing in these long winded posts recently tonight. I think I am going to tackle the laborious task of colouring it. I think that will give it the depth it needs and separate out the foreground from the background and make it less jumbled then it is, since I think because of the style I drew it in some things seem to blend together (i.e. the zombies hand and the werewolf’s arm seem to be connected, but they are not)


I’m still trying to get the hang of this Graveyard shift down. I think since I school at 4pm Mon and Wed it’s really screwing me up. I say this because I never am able to get enough sleep on those days. I’ve talked about this before, but you know learn by repetition. There will be a test.
Ok, time to go work on that drawing and try to finish it then start a new one! Yay! If you have any suggestions on what to draw next, please let me know.


Man I can not think of how to finish out that drawing. The bottom corner is just blank and I don’t want to leave it that way. I would like to put something there to bring the piece together but I have no fucking idea what would work. The janitor girl said a monkey, but she’s an idiot so I’m not listening to her. Cause regardless of how much I like monkeys one would not fit in this drawing. Unless I made it a zombie monkey….No, no monkeys in this drawing, maybe the next one.
I tried a wolf, but it just looked silly, especially since I have a werewolf already.

Ok so I figured it out, take a look for yourself.

that’s the final on it, now I colour it. Fun. Thoughts? Comments?

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