Goofy Gus and some annoying stuff. 1

Sarah and Vern came in and bowled tonight. I changed Vern’s name to ‘Goofy Gus’, and I think that’s what I’m going to refer to him as from now on.

So I was telling them when they where here, this little girl, probably no older then 9, came over yesterday to play with JT. Well she was wearing low cut jeans and her underwear was as low as her jeans. My point? It was like a pedophiles dream at my house yesterday, rather disgusting. Honestly how could her parents let their child go out like that? Granted she comes from a white trash house so I guess I should be happy she had a shirt on, but still, it’s called decency people, learn it, use it LOVE IT.

Its shit like this that I want to just slap parents for. Like when they come in at midnight with their kids who are 12 and under and stay until 5 fucking am and feed them candy and the entire time, it sickens me. Certain people just should NOT be allowed to have kids.

I mean everyone’s childhood is a little fucked up they say, but there’s a limit. Ok, that’s not true my childhood wasn’t really fucked up, it was actually very pleasant. Yeah I lost both grandma’s when I was 5, my nephew CJ when I was 10 or so, *something else I’m not going to tell you about* happened, I was accused of raping my niece Crystal, but nothing that really screwed me up as a person. I like to think I’m a good person, well rounded and so on and looking back on my childhood, I don’t see it as something that was fucked up or that my parents hurt me, I honestly believe everything they wouldn’t let me do, and let me do, was just them looking out for me. So they didn’t let me go see the Sex Pistols in 1996 when I was 14, they had their reasons. When the Beavis and Butt-head movie was released on December 20th, 1995, the last day of school before winter break, they didn’t let me go see it because I had brought home some bad report cards. All I can say at least when they grounded me they didn’t let me off easy, they grounded me. I always used to feel like Bart Simpson in the episode where the Itchy and Scratchy movie came out and he couldn’t see it.

I don’t know, this ha been on my mind a lot recently, bad parenting that is. I look at my sister and her little one JT and she is such a great parent and he is a great kid. Then I meet his friends and their parents, and most of them honestly should have had their reproductive glands removed at birth. Fucking degenerate bastard children and dipshit douche bag parents.

All I can do is hope that I’m a better parent when I get a girl drunk and pregnant then some of these people I meet here at the bowling alley.

I have math homework to do, but I’m to fucking tired to do it. Though I do need to get it done tonight, and I only have 3 more to do. I think I will space them out over the night.

I want to go home and just sleep once I’m off work, but I’m starting a new workout schedule this week, and I really want to make it stick. I’m going to try to go after work every day for an hour at least. This is the whole reason I bought the Iriver, but I’m going to go ahead and start now and just listen to music on my MD player.

One thing I find funny is this laptop has keys for € and $. I think its neat.

I just found out that I can get free hot chocolate while on the clock. That is fucking SWEET. Nothing warms you up more then some hot chocolate.

So I just spent that last hour or more unlocking doors for this Russian guy who was cleaning the beer taps. Besides being a mind dampening pain in the ass, it was nice cause it wasted an hour. Speaking of that it’s almost 6am, I need to count the till, fuck. Be back soon.

ok I’m back, just finished doing the till count and drop, only took me 25 minutes.
Only one more math problem to do! Haha. It’s not like they are hard, it’s just I REALLY don’t want to fuckig do it. Fuck, I’m spacing. I need more hot chocolate.


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