14nov07 – Memoirs, cats and mice 9

Chuck Norris does not wear a condom. Because there is no such thing as protection from Chuck Norris.

I started writting a song last night and I think I will finish the words here at work today. It’s a song for Calvin’s and my project called Broken Boy. You might remember I did the art work for the CD cover.

Cover for a CD that was never recorded. Something else I want to finish…

Cover for a CD that was never recorded. Something else I want to finish…

I have some colored versions at home, maybe I’ll post some of them. The CD is called ’56 songs to slowly kill yourself to’ and it’s all super Emo.
The song I started writting for the album last night is called I’m so fucking Emo, suck my dick. It’s fantastic!

I have a delima. My name ‘J’ is confusing. I know this, you know this. And if you didn’t know that my name was just the letter ‘J’ then we obviously are not very good friends and you should come hang out and get to know me, I’m really nice. But seeing as I work in a tech support department and have to tell people my name all the time, this gets rather tiresome explaining over and over and I get tired of ‘J’ being heard as ‘Jason’, ‘James’, ‘Dave’ and what ever other variation of the sound can be made. I am thinking about just starting to say my name is John and be done with this mess. Thoughts? Ideas? Frustrations?



33,778 / 75,000 words. 45% done!
As I write this I am currently adding backstory and new plot elements to chapter 14. It started out at 308 words for the whole chapter (small I know!) Now it sits at 1,174 and I’ve got much more to tell. My goal is that when I finish adding back story is that the first 20 chapters are 40,000 words. This shoulnd’t be a problem with 6 more chapters to expand on and less then 5,000 words to add.
Once the first 20 chapters are finished I am going to print out a few copies of ‘Memoirs: The first 20 Chapters” for people to read, edit and critique. The only stipulation I have if I send you one is that you PROMISE you will read it and give me feedback. It doesn’t have to be super in depth feedback, just more then “I liked it!” or “Good show ol’ chap!” something that actualy might HELP me in completing in.
You know, there is a possability that I chould finish this story by years end…scary.


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9 thoughts on “14nov07 – Memoirs, cats and mice

  • krystalfaye

    I like to call you JN or J. I remember how people would laugh and ask if my name was really Krystal Bright. But now I don't have that problem! So I say just change your name completely! Eduardo! or Felip! or Arnold… the world [of names] is your oyster!

  • oneonthefence

    I like J. Fuck people who don't get it right.
    Oh, and, the main character in my novel is named "J" (just the initial). It was the first name that came to me, and I went with it. It fits his personality well, and I refuse to have him explain his name to anyone in the book. Just so you know:)

      • oneonthefence

        Well, to be honest, the first reason I named him J was because of the title character in a poem I adore. He's having a crisis of self, similar to the guy in the poem, so it seemed fitting. And then, I thought, "I have a friend named J. This really works, too" 🙂
        So, even though you weren't the main reason, I'd be lying if I said that I had totally forgotten that was your name or something;) The name just fit, and when I thought of who you are, it continued to fit.
        You'll get your dedication when you remember me and my excellent writing skills once you are famous in art and music and need someone to write your press releases;)