12dec07 – w00t is a word, and some junk about a douche 2


I would also like to talk about my wife’s ex a little. Jakobs bio father. He recently posted a blog today about how he is still in love with my wife and he has no one else in his life except Jakob. You might be expecting me to go off on a tagent here about how fucking retarded he is and how he needs to just get the fucker over himself and move on. Though I may think that today is not the time to divulge into a torrent about that. What I do want to say is simply the same thing I said to him in responce to his blog. You will never learn to live without someone if you don’t leave them alone.
Some of you will agree, some of you will think I am an over-protective asshole and other might not have a clue what I’m talking about. Whatever you may think, feel free to tell me, but remember I probably don’t care.


I would like to talk a little about this. Did you click on it? Come on, I know you want to. It will only take a second and trust me, it IS worth it.
Clicked it? OK, good, let us proceed forward in the assumption that you did.
Marriam-Webster says this years ‘word of the year’ is w00t. Yes people, w00t (with the zeros intact) is the word of the year. Don’t beleive me or the JoyStiq.com article?
Would you beleive News.cn? Whats that? beleive the Chinese? Your right.
How about From their official site? Still not enough?
Well ABCnews, The Associated Press, and countless other sites found here all say the same.
So do you beilive me now? I’m pretty sure I couldn’t fake all those websites. Or maybe I could, who knows!


I was just told by a customer that our phone call is being monitored by homeland security


Wednesday Interesting News Story Day



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2 thoughts on “12dec07 – w00t is a word, and some junk about a douche

  • krystalfaye

    I don't think you need to be protective of Kaylie, she seems like a smart girl and if he's half as big of a douche bag as you describe I doubt she would ever leave a great person like you to go back to a bag of dirty vag water….