12dec07 – Mathieu Alan Gordon was born today, where were you?

For Chuck Norris, every street is “one way”. HIS WAY.


My back really frickin’ hurts something fierce. I’m not sure what I did to it. But that is not important, what is important however is that my sister had her new baby last night.

His name is Mathieu Alan Gordon.
He was 6.6oz/18 inches and he was born at 1:59am. I was not there sadly, I was at home. Kaylie and I where going to drive out to Tacoma where she had the baby last night about 11pm but we got caught up playing on the computer just waiting for word because we didn’t want to sit in the waiting room to much. Well, we called my mom to see how things where going and she told us that it probably would be awhile and she would call us at 2am, which is when they where going to do the next dilation test (at 11:30pm or she was dilated only to 4cm). So Kaylie and I went to sleep. I just found out my mom called after midnight saying that Kim was dilated to 6cm. Apparently I was to tired and did not realize this and didn’t Kaylie. Then we get a call just before 2am saying that Kim had the baby and how cute he was.
At this point we had the option to get off our lazy asses and drive to Tacoma to see Kim and the new baby or fall back asleep and see him and her sometime today. I must say we had good intentions of getting up and going, but tiredness took over and we both passed back out immediately after the phone call. On the plus side we both got horrible sleep and Mr. Jakob woke up about 5am COVERED in piss. That was fun.
Now I am at work wishing that we had gotten up off of our lazy asses to go see our new nephew and my sister. On the plus side Kimmie sent me the photo above so I could at least see him. Oh, and you bet your sweet ass when I get off work I am heading down to Tacoma to visit for awhile. Kaylie and the boys are off to there now. Am I jealous that she gets to see him before me? I little…OK a lot…But that’s what I get for working.


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