12april2008 – MOVIE MADNESS!!!

Rules of fighting: 1) Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. 2) Don’t bring a gun to a Chuck Norris fight.

So as to date I have had THREE calls from this casting director named Mike to audition for this movie that is going to be shooting up in Vancouver. What the fuck has gotten me these calls? The sad thing is if life wasn’t so hectic I would say yes, but three calls and three time’s saying NO is getting a little annoying. I’M NOT AN ACTOR. I WRITE AND DRAW A WEB-COMIC, YES I AM A CLEVER FUNNY PERSON BUT I CRACK UNDER PRESSURE!

If I where to get a call to help write/promote/work on a movie or any sort of film I would jump on that in an instant. I would love to be a co-writter to a film, or a TV show for that matter. I like to be creative not perform. Sort of like with my music. I love to write the music and have people hear it, but I’m not so big on playing shows. I mean, I like shows but playing the same songs over and over sort of sucks donkey dick.

Speaking of writing music I have a few new songs I am going to attempt to record in the next few months and put up on the Dog Faced Boy myspace. Aas always I say a few months, but give me a year. I also have DTC CDs that I need to post for sale, there 8 different full length CDs of really shitty music. Figure if I sell any I can split it with Calvin and Jeff since you know, they are on them too.

~the revenge

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