11/1/07 – Yoda says use the force… 8

Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

It is Thursday and I’m one tired S.O.B. Took the kids to the mall last night to trick or treat with my parents, and my sisters family. We had a lot of fun although there where roughly, and I’m just giving my best estimate here, a billion fucking people there. The kids for th emost part where ok, it was the parents that wouldn’t get the fuck out of the way and kept being annoying.
Jakob was so cute in his Yoda costume as he waddled around. Kodi went as Anikan Skywalker and was cute as well. Jakob has this thing where he DOES NOT like people who wear a mask and you know on halloween at the mall there where people wearing masks hanind out candy. One of the stores had a grim reaper in full hood and Jakob just turned and ran to his mommy and clutched her leg. The only masked candy-giver-outer Jakob would go up to was at the Basket & Robbins store when at first he turn into me and said no (in his own way) and then the guy in the outfit offered him lots of candy. The candy made it ok. Jakob took the canday and then turned and high tailed it out of there.
After the mall we went to Kaylie’s parents house and helped hand out candy. I did some sketching, which I will probably post for you later. I drew Two-Face and a butterfly. We started to watch Hocus Pocus and I layed on the floor and became a jumping toy for both Kodi and Jakob. This is what will almost always happen if I lay on the floor. Which in part is why I lay on the floor.

Daily Memoirs Update
current word count: 28,912
So I feel really dirty right now. Why do I feel dirty? Well I am glad you asked. I feel dirty because I wrote a sex scene into Memoirs yesterday here at work. I tired my best to make it very dirty, funny but also not to obvious. I think I failed on all accounts. Anyone want to read it and tell me what they think?

Well I’m off to work on Memoirs and try not to fall asleep.

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