10nov7 – comic cons, lap tops, projects OH MY!!! 2


Chuck Norris was once in a knife fight, and the knife lost.

So I am typing this on our band new laptop. Go us! My paents bought it for us for X-Mas. Its really nice and so far I love. I’ve been taking it to work to play with and customize. I have also been using last.fm alot because I can simply play a song over the net with no trouble on this thing. I love it.

In unrelated news the family and I are heading down to Portland tonight to spend the night. why are we doing this you ask? Well tomorrow is the Portland comic convention. Im excited! I havnt been to a con since San Diego in 2006. this will be Kaylies first convention, so that will be fun. I can’t wait to see all the old dealers I knew when we did the cons and have none of them remember me. Sweet.

I can’t wait until we start setting up at the cons again and selling. That was always fun, wears you out but it is a ton of fun.

In other news I’ve been progressing very well on Memoirs. I don’t have a real update for you, just that I have been working on it alot. Word count is getting close to my 40k goal for the first 20 chapters.

In other project news, There are some new y2cl strips going up soon. Sorry they are not more regular. I’ve organized all my email from the last 7 years (oldest one is dated 3/1/2000) and I am going to re-contact some of my old contacts from the projects I was involved with/ran art/written wise and see if anyone of them wishes to collaborate again and/or finish the original collaboration. I’m 25 with more drive now then I ever had back then. I had some really good projecs going but they sort of feel apart for lack of direction. I need to make some industry contacts and find a few idie publishers to see if they will back some of my projects to get them out there.

I have this action/thriller comic almost written that I beleive is a great idea and would do well. It’s bsically a 12 part story illustrated by 1 different artist. Each artist gets 4 pages. I’ve gotten 2 chapters drawn and back to me along time ago, but I never pursude getting the other 9 artists (one of the artists is me, but I never drew my chapter).

I also have a 4 page birthday story that I am going to contact the artist and see if he will finish it. He did the first page and it was AMAZING.
There is also a story called ‘Nameless’ that I have I think 6-8 pages written/penciled/inked that I should finish. It’s a good story that needs to be told and out of my head. It’s actually a story that can be contiued upon easily to make longer and a full graphic. I think the art is prety good for it. I may or may not ever finish this one. The subject matter isn’t neccesarily somthing I want to work on, but I think it will be a good story that could get published. We shall see.

Here is a sample of the art from the ‘Nameless’ project.

Theres also many mor eprojects I started that I should finish. Ill update on them some other time. As well as give you a preview of some of the at for them.
I have a sketch I did that I wish to share with you, only my scanner doens’t feel like working right now. I am going to attempt to install the scanner on our new laptop and scan it when I get home so I can show you all.

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