10/24/2007 – Will Wheaton will Eat your Soul…but nicely

Chuck Norris‘ chest hair has chest hair.

So here I sit again, at work and tired. This morning Kodi decided to get up at 6am and wake Jakob up in the process. Jakob of course did NOT want to go back to sleep. Thus meaning Kaylie and I got annoyed for an hour until I got up to shower for work. I wouldn’t have minded him waking up then comming to our bed and cuddling to sleep, but no, he had to wiggle, kick and make noise. On the plus side he will probably take an early nap for Kaylie today giving her a chance to take a nap, but that wont help me any.

So my wonderful wife, mother and sister brought me a bagel and a mocha. This was awesome. It will keep me awake. The downside? The begal taste like pickles. I will still eat it because the pickle taste is minimal, that doesn’t mean I enjoy the pickled added flavor though. It was good though I would have to admit that. Pickle flavor and all. That might be because this is the first thing I have eaten today…but probbaly because I just love me some bagles.

I would like to take a moment to talk about Will Wheaton and the TV show Numb3rs. First let me say I am a fan of both, more so of the former then the latter. What might you ask has me talking about these two seemingly unrelated things together? Well, I was reading Will’s recent blog entry And Now for Something Completely Different in which he writes

“Still, about once a month or so, my manager calls me with an audition for a television or film role. When this happens, I prepare the scenes, make myself look pretty, curse traffic the entire way to the casting office and back, and do my very best to simply enjoy myself and have fun while I’m there. I never book the jobs, but the reasons that used to drive me crazy when I was a full-time actor (“too young, too old, too tall, not edgy enough, not related to someone enough, etc., etc., etc.”) don’t even bother me, now. The way I see it, if I did the best I could with the acting, which is the only thing I have control over, I can be happy with the entire experience.”

He consinues:

“About two weeks ago, I got a call on a Wednesday for an audition on Thursday. The audition scenes were very straightforward, and the character was someone I could step into pretty easily: a comic book creator who is a huge douche.”

Even further down he write:

“Yeah, that was super fun and totally awesome. I nailed it . . . I can’t wait to find out why I didn’t book the job.”

The weekend passed, and the following Monday I was informed that I’ll never learn why I didn’t book the job, because I booked the job!

Will fuckin’ Wheaton (no incenct pun intended there) will be a guest star on Numb3rs! I do have to say I’m excited about this. Although, like Jack Tripper said over in his blog ‘m anxiously awaiting the airing of his episode, which I will inevitably download instead of watching live.


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