10/23/2007 – Tuesday Movies/Music and Pregnancy thoughts

Industrial logging isn’t the cause of deforestation. Chuck Norris needs toothpicks.

Tuesday Movie/Music Review Day


So we borrowed this movie from Kaylie’s cousin Keith and Anna a week or two ago and just got around to watching it last night. They rented it from Hollywood Video (I think) and now it’s WAAAAY overdue, but I don’t feel bad because they havn’t returned the other movies they rented with it.

Anyway, this movie stars Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H Macy with Ray Lolita as a bad-ass biker and Marisa Tomei as the way to good looking waitress who falls in love with William H Macy‘s character. Though I do beleive the best character in the movie is the small role of the gay highway cop played by the one and only Johnny C. McGinley, who is also Scrubs Dr. Cox. (That’s his fine man-ass you see in the third picture above)

I really enjoyed this movie. Nothing like seeing bad ass John Travolta (I say bad-ass because I think of Face/Off, Pulp Fiction and Be Cool) acting like an over-weight, over the hill man with nothing to lose. The straight cluelessness that William H Macy‘s character emits is enough to make this movie worth watching. Though if you are a techie guy and you watch the scene where he is at a diner and opens up a laptop by simply ‘popping’ the keyboard off and removes a stick of the RAM, while it’s turned on mind you, and it doesn’t shut off, will make your cringe like it did me. Oh, and to top it all off, he is supposed to be a computer programer.

Even so, this movie is fuckin’ hilarious and a great watch. Rent it, buy it, d/l it. Just see it. It is worth it.

Dashboard Confessional

The Places that you’ve Come to Fear the Most

I realize this CD came out March, 20th 2001 and that I have had it since around that same time, but I stil like it and sing along to it. Call me a pussy but I can’t help but smile and connect to the emo-tastic-ness of the lyrics. I think anymore though it’s just because I know the songs so well that I get excited when they play. On any account, long live CDs from six years ago!

Today we have an OBGyn appointment and we get to set the date for the ultrasound to see if our baby is a girl or a boy! How exciting! I really want to know what sex the baby will be, so I can put to rest the name debacle in my head. Hopefully we can find out some tricks to help Kaylie feel better and less ‘AAARRRRGGGGHH’ at life. And to make her back stop hurting. And to make her stop hurting me.


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