10/2/07 – SM and garmypants=


Chuck Norris just says “no” to drugs. If he said “yes”, it would collapse Colombia’s infrastructure.

[15:11] Garmichael1: finally! i met a man with kindness in his eyes, and a fire in his heart.. he said ‘youll never have to choose a side. Its rewarding, but oh! the road is hard”
[15:11] x jhorsley3 x: that CD fucking RULES
[15:12] x jhorsley3 x: ive listened to it dozens of times
[15:12] Garmichael1: they broke him wide open like a dam and a cork thats holding everything inside! you can play the role of rebel, just be sure to know your wrong from your right
[15:12] Garmichael1: haha me too
[15:12] x jhorsley3 x: i listened to it 5 times in a row when i first got it
[15:12] Garmichael1: im actually listening to it right now
[15:12] x jhorsley3 x: i would, but im at work
[15:12] x jhorsley3 x: and my zune doesnt want to let me put anything new on it
[15:12] Garmichael1: awww weak
[15:12] Garmichael1: shake it silly
[15:12] x jhorsley3 x: total weak
[15:12] x jhorsley3 x: i did, it asked me to stop or it would tell daddy microsoft
[15:13] Garmichael1: haha really??
[15:13] Garmichael1: thats like weakx100
[15:13] x jhorsley3 x: “its in the air you breath and its, also in the water”
[15:13] x jhorsley3 x: my favorite righ tnow is mephistos cafe, by far
[15:13] Garmichael1: yeah
[15:13] x jhorsley3 x: man i cant wait to buy it for no reason!
[15:13] Garmichael1: hahaha me too!
[15:14] x jhorsley3 x: only 10 songs though
[15:14] x jhorsley3 x: thats weak
[15:14] Garmichael1: Mephistos cafe and Watch it Crash were leaked a few weeks ago
[15:14] Garmichael1: so i listened to them over and over and over and over
[15:14] Garmichael1: finally the whole thing leaked
[15:14] Garmichael1: yeah it is.. its really short
[15:14] x jhorsley3 x: really short, but really a-fuckin-mazing
[15:14] Garmichael1: right now, my two favorite are Would ytou be impressed and The Blonde Lead the Blind
[15:14] x jhorsley3 x: yeah, those are rad songs
[15:15] x jhorsley3 x: the CD sounds REALLY good cranked WAY the fuck up
[15:15] Garmichael1: did you lose faith?? Yes! I lost faith in the powers that be! but in doing so, i came across the will to disagree!”
[15:15] Garmichael1: mmmmmmmmm
[15:15] Garmichael1: its so sex
[15:16] Garmichael1: oh! friend! you look too deep at the cover of the magazine! but the words inside, they come across deprives, and they force feed shit, but you still subscribe!
[15:16] Garmichael1: deprived*
[15:16] x jhorsley3 x: nd the gears will spin and the sinners sin, but at least we’ll give them hell
And the righteous few will spit on you, so bid them all farewell
We’re going down, down, down to Mephisto’s Cafe
We’re going down
[15:16] x jhorsley3 x: *and
[15:17] Garmichael1: All the time we’re spending vaccinating this disease
I just get dizzy when I think of all the ways we try to hide our maladies
[15:17] Garmichael1: hehehe
[15:18] x jhorsley3 x: WE wine, WE dine, and everything is fine
Because it’s not my fault.
[15:18] Garmichael1: i really like that song
[15:18] Garmichael1: its very…
[15:18] Garmichael1: “we’re fucked, and no one wants to admit it and no one wants to accept their role in it”
[15:18] x jhorsley3 x: awesome? awesom-tastic?
[15:18] Garmichael1: awesomalicious?
[15:18] x jhorsley3 x: i like it
[15:19] x jhorsley3 x: awesomublar?
[15:19] Garmichael1: awesomical?
[15:19] Garmichael1: awesomatic?
[15:19] Garmichael1: haha
[15:19] x jhorsley3 x: lol
[15:19] x jhorsley3 x: we rule
[15:19] Garmichael1: indeed
[15:20] Garmichael1: undeniabl
[15:20] Garmichael1: y
[15:20] x jhorsley3 x: so when will they be back in Washington? haha
[15:20] x jhorsley3 x: i told Kaylie i am forcing her to go to their next show up here
[15:22] Garmichael1: haha
[15:22] Garmichael1: too bad they wont come up for a whilesss
[15:22] Garmichael1: they have no plans to
[15:22] Garmichael1: the closest theyre getting is salt lake city in january
[15:22] Garmichael1: they skip us alot 🙁
[15:24] Garmichael1: the last botar update said theyd release an album around the same time streetlight did
[15:24] Garmichael1: i seriously doubt we’re any closer than two years away from seeing new botar, tho
[15:25] x jhorsley3 x: yeha
[15:25] x jhorsley3 x: bastards
[15:25] x jhorsley3 x: i would LOVE a new BOTAR album
[15:25] x jhorsley3 x: i would fuck a man for it
[15:29] Garmichael1: me too
[15:30] Garmichael1: i would fuck three men for it
[15:30] Garmichael1: in a row, or at the same time, it doesnt matter
[15:33] x jhorsley3 x: me too
[15:33] x jhorsley3 x: hell id fuck an ugly midget man
[15:33] Garmichael1: again?
[15:33] Garmichael1: BAM!
[15:34] x jhorsley3 x: lol
[15:34] Garmichael1: dude that was a wicked burn


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