10/18/2007 – Memoirs. 1

“Chuck Norris can speak braille. “


current word cout: 25,881

As you can see, I wrote about 3k new words yesterday. Pretty exciting I know. As I said before I am working on adding more detail and background information in the early chapters to make the end of the book make more sense. Right now I am adding background informaiton for Chapter Three, which started out at roughly 1,900 words and is now sitting at around 4,000 words and growing. In my opinion this story is getting pretty good and in depth. A lot of stuff has been added, hopefully for the better, and alot of details have been hammered out to make the story flow better. Nothing happens chronologically, but thats ok.

So I am going to call this post to an end and get to ‘work’, and by that I mean write more on memoirs.

It will be funny if I completely change the title of the book by the time it’s done and published.


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