10/09/2007 – sooo biiig

So yesterday my wonderful wife tricked me. You see we have gotten into this habbit of playing the Scene it! games with her cousin Anna and her husband Keith. This is all fine and great because it’s a whole lot of fun, although it does show off my gay side when I can answer lots of ‘female’ focused questions. In my defence I grew up with an older sister….

Anyway, I say she tricked me last night because I had to work yesterday from 9am to 5pm and afterwhich we where supposed to head up to JKLM Comics and pack some items that sold for shipment. Well this beautiful example of pregnancy calls me up and says to me:

“Anna and Keith bought a bunch of food cause they thought Brian and Jess where coming over, but now they are not. Do you want to have dinner at their house then head up to pack?”

To which I repsonded:

“Sure, I guess.”

Secretly to myself I’m thinking “well fuck, I hate to be someones fall back” but whatever, the food is usually pretty good over there.

Well we get there, we eat dinner and play with the kids and can you guess what happened after dinner? Well if you where paying attention to how this post started, then you would know. Just in case you where off in la-la land (like I’m sure my wife is as she reads this), the girls wanted to play Scene it!, and there is no telling them no. Now mind you since Friday we have played Scene it! with Anna nd Keith at least 6 times already, but whatever. I do enjoy the game and I know there is no reasonable way out of this, so I agree.

Let us cut forward a bit. We finish the game. Kaylie and Anna win their first round of Squabble! against Keith and I. We finally get home, put the kids to bed and then head up to pack. By the time we get home it’s after midnight. Now here I am at work, tired as fuck and writing this up for you to read. Excuse me while I try to to pass out.


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