10/05/2007 – sleepy 2

So the wife and I unexpectidly spent roughly 3 or 4 hours at the flippin’ mall last night. The majority of that was spent in Barnes & Noble. To which I found out a few very disturbing things. They do NOT carry Just a geek NOR do they carry Dancing Barefoot. Oh they could order them in, but not a single copy in the fucking store. Theres a million copies of some niggers experience in Africa, but nothing on Wesley Crusher.

Do you want to see an impressive number? Well, it’s impressive to me. Here it is:


That is how much JKLM Comics brought in last night in sales.

Here is another impressive number:


That is how much JKLM Comics brought in over the last 90 days.

Just felt like sharing.

So as I write a blog I will have several windows open in either my Firefox or my <a href=http://opera.comOpera web browsers of things I want to talk about, news stories or what-have-you. Well, today ther are currently over a dozen tabs open…lets get some of them closed shall we?


(for your dleight)

  1. Artists build secret apartment in mall, stay there for years – If we had a real mall I would do this!
  2. Ipod Death Clock – Find out when your iPod will die
  3. Car salesman fired over “Tired of the Wet Backs???” ad – fired? but I am tired of my wet back…and Meixans.
  4. Man arrested for badgering photo hut about his nude photos – In theory, this isn’t a bad way to pick up chicks…if you don’t look like Santa on crack that is.
  5. 86-year old woman turns down $1 million for home, developers forced to build around her.fuck yeah!
  6. ATV crash kills 90 year old woman – whos bright fuckin’ idea was it to give a 90 year old woman an ATV?
  7. http://www.yakima-herald.com/page/dis/329191779301440 – They where just helping….



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