10/04/2007 – Crab Cakes and Calzones

In refernece to my recent post about Bonaduce throwing Johnny Fairplay like rag doll over his head I failed to mention the comments of America’s Next Top Model WinnerAdrianne Curry:


“The last award was being given out by Johnny Fairplay. Obviously, he doesn’t have many friends, the boo’s and garbage were flying. Danny Bonaduce whispers in my ear “Do you think I should go up there and tell him what a douche he is?” Naturally I say YES! Then he tells me “Do you want me to tackle him?” Silly me, I said “DO IT DANNY!!!” I then proceeded to cheer Danny’s name till he got up to walk onstage.”

She also had these lovely words for Perez Hilton

“This guy has the balls to say I am classless? RIIIIGHT. This is coming from a guy who got famous for DRAWING DICKS AND CUM ON THE FACES OF CELEBRITIES! Class fucking act, Perez, Class act! I’m sure the white house wants you over for dinner.”

There’s something hot about a sexy chick whose not affraid to talk about cum on peoples faces.

And put it in her blog in all capital letters, like she is yelling at us.

I guess when you invent the internet you can rock an awesome fucking set up.

And is that a JBL woofer I see on the far right second from the bottom shelf?

Is Al Gore rockin’ this shit more ways then your mom?


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